2018 heralded another new chapter for Alfa Romeo, with the launch of our first ever SUV in the Autumn. Like no other, Alfa Romeo Stelvio contradicted traditional SUV values. Ride height and comfort blend harmoniously with driver appeal. Rewriting the rules of its class.

Made in the Cassino plant, situated between Naples and Rome, the Alfa Romeo Stelvio is created with simplicity, formal balance and harmonious surfaces. A unique and unmistakable appearance, represented by the Alfa Romeo styled trilobe front grille.

Beautiful and functional, the attention to detail in every design features are designed to appeal to both your head and your heart. With luxurious and tactile interiors which ensure both a comfortable and stylish environment for both the driver and passengers.

Power Tailgate 

Stylish Leather Interior 

Roof Rails 



In keeping with the highest Alfa Romeo tradition, the driver takes centre stage and has full command of the controls and the road ahead from the typically enveloping - but now raised - driving position, which seamlessly integrates driver and machine.

The exquisitely finished interior of the Alfa Romeo Stelvio provides space and harmony for the driver and passengers. Explore the range of interiors available with Stelvio.


The most exciting experiences are unexpected, which is why the Stelvio has extra space for planned and unplanned trips. Make use of the 1,600 litres of load capacity with the rear seats flat.



The Alfa Romeo Stelvio draws inspiration from the legendary mountain pass linking Italy to Switzerland with 48 hairpins in quick succession. Therefore, it was the ideal place to put the Alfa Romeo Stelvio to the test.

Simply turn the Alfa™ D.N.A. driving mode selector, and the Alfa Romeo Stelvio is ready with the perfect set-up for your road ahead. There are three different driving modes to choose from, which completely transform the car's dynamic performance. On top of all this, the Alfa Romeo Stelvio benefits from All-Wheel Drive with Q4 technology, the innovative on-demand system that combines the advantages of four-wheel drive with the driving dynamics that only rear-wheel drive can deliver.

With a 5 Star ANCAP rating and Level 2 ADAS features as standard.

( DisclosureOverseas model shown. Not all features shown may be available in Australia and/or are available at an additional cost.)

Overseas model shown. Not all features shown may be available in Australia and/or are available at an additional cost.


Recording an overall score of 97 per cent, the Stelvio achieved a 5 star ANCAP safety rating with strong performance across all four key areas of assessment. This rating applies to all 2.0 litre petrol variants.


Traffic Jam and Highway Assist ( DisclosureHighway Assist and Traffic Jam Assist will have limitations and temporarily deactivate under the following conditions;
-The system fails to detect any visible reference vehicles or lane markings on the road
-Presence of tight bends
-Excessive lateral acceleration
-Exceeding the speed limit
-The driver’s hands are taken off the steering wheel
-If the left or right direction indicator is activated
-If the driver intentionally changes lanes without switching on the direction indicator on the corresponding side
-If the driver's seat belt is released
-If the gear is moved from D (Drive)
-If Active Cruise Control is deactivated
-Bad weather conditions (rain, snow, fog …)
-Insufficient or excessive light
-If the Forward Collision Warning (FCW) system or "Active braking" intervenes)

Thanks to the combination of Active Cruise Control functions, Traffic Jam Assist not only autonomously manages the car's speed to keep you at a safe distance from the vehicle in front, but it also helps keep you in the lane, on both city streets and the highway. 

Traffic Sign Recognition 

Selected Stelvio models are equipped with a state-of-the-art Traffic Sign Recognition and an intelligent speed advisor that alerts drivers to changes in the legal speed limit. If the Active Cruise Control is activated, the speed is automatically adjusted touching steering wheel controls. 

Intelligent Speed Control 

Intelligent Speed Control allows you to maintain a constant speed, without having to push down on the accelerator, and also adapts the distance between you and the vehicle ahead. 

Active Cruise Control 

The active cruise control allows you to set the cruising speed of your vehicle. It also automatically corrects itself when the speed changes or when the safe distance between two vehicles isn't respected. 

Lane Departure Warning 

Lane Departure Warning alerts the driver if the vehicle is straying out if its lane and provides a corrective action to help automatically correct the vehicle's path and direct it back into the lane. 

Blind Spot Monitoring with Rear Cross Path Detection 

There are portions in the rear of the vehicle that are commonly known as a blind spot, which is when another vehicle is there it is temporarily invisible to the side mirrors. The Blind Spot Assist continuously monitors the rear blind zones on both sides of the vehicle, alerting you when you are attempting to move into a lane that is already occupied. In addition to the alert, the system also delivers a steering correction to help avoid collisions with vehicles hidden in your blind spot. 

Driver Behaviour Warning 

During long drives sometimes it is necessary to take a break. The program monitors the movements of the vehicle and the drowsiness of the driver and warns him or her through alert signals and the symbol of a cup on the TFT display and encourages them to pullover and rest. 



Featuring an 8.8’’ touchscreen display, with 3D Navigaton, Stelvio comes with an all-new infotainment system, controlled by an intuitive Rotary Pad and advanced voice recognition system. The new Alfa Connect system, compatible with available Apple CarPlay® for iPhone and with Android Auto® for Android devices, gives you direct access to applications on your smartphone.

Available Apple CarPlay®
and Android Auto®
 ( DisclosureApple CarPlay® requires an iPhone 5 or later version of iPhone, running iOS 7.1 or above. The function of Apple CarPlay® requires mobile data for full capability. Compatibility and performance can vary and change. Android Auto® requires an Android 5.0 or later version of Android, installed with the Android Auto® Application. The function of Android Auto® requires mobile data for full capability. Compatibility and performance can vary and change. Android Auto® and Apple Carplay® is available on, and compatible with, Uconnect® Systems installed in select Fiat vehicles. Uconnect® Systems do not support the Pandora® application, but it may appear as part of Android Auto® and/or Apple Carplay®. FCA is not responsible for the availability, compatibility or use of applications, products and software supplied or supported by third parties.)

8.8" Infotainment Screen
with 3D Navigation

Available Wireless Charger 



The Alfa Romeo Stelvio is an SUV created the Alfa Romeo way. As it combines performance car handling with the versatility of an SUV. Agile. Innovative. Exquisite.

Created with Alfa Romeo's keen eye for agility enhancing features, such as its unique Alfa Link ™ suspension and 50:50 weight distribution, which is achieved through the use of cutting edge ultra-lightweight materials. And with the introduction of the Veloce, the Alfa Romeo Stelvio cements this sentiment of reimagining the past into an SUV, that more than suits the needs of today. Indulge your passion, and inherit ours.


At the heart of the Stelvio is a technologically advanced 2.0 litre turbocharged petrol engine delivering 148kW/330Nm in the Sport variant or an impressive 206kW/400Nm in the Veloce. Both engines are combined with the standard Q4 all-wheel drive system and 8-speed automatic transmission, cutting-edge technology that optimises vehicle performance in terms of fluidity, comfort and efficiency.

Q4 All Wheel Drive System 

Alfa™ DNA Drive Mode System 



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