Alfa Romeo

New Alfa Romeos sold from 1998 onwards must use Premium Unleaded Fuel with a minimum R.O.N. rating of 95. Using the incorrect grade will cause running anomalies and warning signals.



All Alfa Romeo vehicles imported since 1998 must run on minimum 95 R.O.N. fuel (premium unleaded petrol), but will operate satisfactorily on E5 (5% ethanol blended petrol as long as it is to European Standard EN228). Note: E5 to this standard may not be available in Australia. Ethanol blends higher than 5% (eg E10) are not recommended except in emergency situations as there may be material compatibility and drivability issues.

Engine Oil Tips

Selenia Oil

Oil is the lifeblood of every car, and Selenia is the lifeblood of every Alfa.


From the very first beat of every Alfa Romeo's engine, Selenia oil is the difference between it running as intended.


Only Selenia meets the exacting demands of Alfa Romeo's engine design. Its synthetic formulation goes beyond international engineering specifications, maximising engine performance and protection - even under the most testing conditions.


Selenia motor oil is formulated with the correct balance of ingredients, whether you drive an advanced direct injection, multi-valve engine or the latest variable-geometry turbo-diesel. Its unique compositions minimise friction and fuel consumption over the entire oil change interval.


Selenia protects your Alfa's engine from the instant you start, to the moment you switch off.


Selenia oil top-up packs are available from your authorised Alfa Romeo Dealer.