4C: Supercar Australia | Alfa Romeo® Australia


Twin Clutch Transmission 

The available Alfa TCT 6-speed automatic transmission delivers the instant power of a sequential shift with the convenience of an automatic. 

Alfa DNA Drive Mode Selector System 

With the 4-mode Alfa DNA Drive Mode selector – featuring Race Mode – you can enjoy a customized driving experience based on road conditions or desired responsiveness. 

Turbo Charger 

Dynamic power at low engine speeds is second nature for the Alfa Romeo 4C Coupe, whose enhanced turbocharger and pulse converter exhaust manifold are expressly designed to boost torque and respond to every command. 



Heritage and aerodynamic gracefulness in perfect balance, the design nods to history and makes reference to the unmistakable style of the 33 Stradale. Essential beauty at the service of extreme mechanics.



As with the exterior, everything on the inside has a precise function and expresses the racing spirit of Alfa Romeo. Such as, the unique body cell which is made from a one-piece shell of carbon fibre. To ensure that everything is within the drivers reach, the steering wheel is moulded at the bottom which enables the controls. Aluminium pedals and heel guards form the last details of a true sporting character. The seats incorporate a reinforced composite structure and special lightweight padding, helping to maintain the racing position whilst driving. Explore the range of interior options available on the 4C Coupe.


Entering an Alfa Romeo 4C means entering the world of motorsport. To start with, the unique body cell is made from bare carbon fibre. Inside, competition seats guarantee a comfortable but correct racing posture. The seats incorporate a reinforced composite structure and special lightweight padding. The dashboard is made from a thermoformed shell like those found on limited edition supercars and the controls are all oriented towards the driver to give complete control of the car.



At the front, the Alfa Romeo 4C features a double wishbone configuration and at the rear, an advanced MacPherson suspension. This ensures superb road holding and driving fun, even in the most extreme maneuvers. The braking system is designed for high performance race track use.




The Alfa Romeo 4C is hand built at the Maserati factory in Modena by expert technicians who have undergone 500 hours of special training. Assembly technicians follow every phase of the process personally and, at the end of the line, perform rigorous quality control tests to ensure that all components function perfectly.