Important Fuel Information


New Alfa Romeos sold from 1998 onwards must use Premium Unleaded Fuel with a minimum R.O.N. rating of 95. Using the incorrect grade will cause running anomalies and warning signals.


All Alfa Romeo vehicles imported since 1998 must run on minimum 95 R.O.N. fuel (premium unleaded petrol), but will operate satisfactorily on E5 (5% ethanol blended petrol as long as it is to European Standard EN228). Note: E5 to this standard may not be available in Australia. Ethanol blends higher than 5% (eg E10) are not recommended except in emergency situations as there may be material compatibility and drivability issues. 


Use only Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel Fuel. Alfa Romeo only recommends the use of Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel (USLD) that complies with the Fuel Quality Standards Act (FQSA as at 1 January 2006) in Alfa Romeo vehicles fitted with common rail direct injection diesel engine. Using the incorrect grade diesel fuel will cause running anomalies, possibly activate warning signals and also possibly cause component damage. Consult your fuel reseller when refuelling if in doubt. 

Bio-Diesel Fuels

The inconsistent nature of Bio-Diesel fuel, typified by large particulates and various contaminates, can cause severe damage to the various components of common rail direct injection diesel engines. Any bio-fuels must conform to the standard EN590. Alfa Romeo DOES NOT recommend the use of Bio-Diesel fuels that can’t be certified to this standard. Any consequential damage caused by the use of Bio-Diesel fuel will not be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.