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Alfa Romeo Club: For Those Who Demand Excellence

When you make the decision to become a luxury car owner, you are choosing more than a mode of transportation. Any car can move you around Sydney city streets. The choice to purchase a luxury car reveals much more about who you are. It displays your distinctive sense of style, your discriminating ...

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Alfa On The Up In The UK, Too

Just days after Alfa Romeo boasted a 51.5 per cent increase in its Australian sales during April, the Italian car marker has announced that its UK sales blasted upwards by 76.8 per cent in April, in marked contrast to the 28.5 per cent decline in the total UK market - and it's the second month in...

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Alfa Australia: Who Else Is Looking For Luxury?

It's clear to see that drivers in Australia love to feel unique. Between an iconic opera house, world-class zoos without fences, and territory to explore filled with endless open skies, living in Australia is an experience like none other.

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Alfa 159 2.4 JTD Sportswagon

Alfa Romeo is a global leader in turbo-diesel technology, having pioneered advancements in phased common-rail injection, combustion chamber design and emissions management.

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Alfa Romeo Mito Reviews: The Number 1 Tip For Smoother Car Shopping

Who would have guessed when the Internet was created how it would change so many areas of our lives? What started as a form of technology for students and the military to stay connected in their various communities has grown into the primary way we communicate, work, and even conduct research bef...

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