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For A Little More, Try The Alfa Romeo MiTo Sport

The Alfa Romeo MiTo Sport is the faster upscale model of the already-loaded MiTo. Praised as a "driver's car," the Sport has a 114kW 1.4 litre turbo charged four cylinder engine that can accelerate 0-100km/h in 8 seconds for  the car enthusiast who wants even more power and excitement.

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8 Reasons The 2012 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Is The Safest Small Car

When you drive a car, you have to be concerned with safety. Especially if you find yourself transporting children, you want to make sure that they have a smooth, secure ride whether they are riding in a carrier or seat-belted in place. If you have a crash, you want you and your passengers to emer...

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What You Buy Into When You Buy An Alfa For Sale

If you're a car guy (or gal), you know that the Alfa Romeo has an awesome history marked by innovation and impressive design. Over 100 years old, even carmakers Henry Ford and Enzo Ferrari held the brand in high esteem. When you see an Alfa for sale, what are you buying into?

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Alfa Romeo Dealerships: Bringing You Italian Engineering

People the world over have been in love with Alfa Romeo's Italian engineering for years, and Australians are no exception. Today's Alfa Romeo dealerships offer a complete package of products and services to keep your vehicle running smoothly for years. Australian dealerships don't just sell you c...

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Alfa Romeo Clubs: Past, Present And Future

Alfa Romeo clubs have been gaining popularity in Australia since the founding of the original Alfa Romeo Owners Club of Australia in 1969. Regional clubs were quickly established in New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia. Part of the phenomenal growth of these clubs wa...

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