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Rolex Sydney Hobart Favourite Smashes Pacific Race Record

Alfa Romeo, the Australian-built super maxi owned and skippered by Kiwi yachtsman, Neville Crichton, has smashed the race record in the TransPac race by more than a day, arriving in Hawaii in the fastest time in the 103 year history of the event, further confirming Alfa Romeo as the yacht to beat...

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Alfa Romeo Puts The Brakes On Wild Oats’ Winning Streak

Neville Crichton's 100 foot Alfa Romeo has sounded the warning bell for this year's Rolex Sydney Hobart, capitalising on a costly mistake aboard Wild Oats XI to take a resounding victory in the SOLAS Big Boat Challenge (15 December 2009). "The difference was Ricko getting a twisted sail. Today's ...

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Alfa Romeo Backs the SBK Superbike World Championship

Alfa Romeo has signed a four year contract to support the SBK Superbike World Championship® and the Italian car maker will continue its sponsorship of Australian Moto GP Champion, Casey Stoner and the Ducati Racing Team in 2009.

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Capture A Classic With An Alfa Romeo 159 For Sale

Many vehicles popular on roads throughout the world take their time arriving Downunder. In the case of the Alfa Romeo 159 for sale, the delay might have been worth it. The model introduced in Australia in 2011 is considered by car geeks and buyers alike ...

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Power And Beauty In The Alfa MiTo: A Review Of Three Models

When you buy a car, are you buying four wheels that run or a beautiful machine that looks great in your driveway and conquers the road? If you want to embrace a driving experience when you buy a car, you should consider the Alfa MiTo. Review the handful of compact cars that are powerful and beaut...

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Review of Alfa Romeo Giulietta: A Worthy Entrant To The Family Car Market

When you are looking for a family car, you might gravitate toward a VW Golf or an Audi A3 TLD or a BMW 1118d, but Alfa Romeo would like to change that and send you shopping for an Alfa Romeo Giulietta. Based on a review of an Alfa Romeo Giulietta you might be swayed!

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For A Little More, Try The Alfa Romeo MiTo Sport

The Alfa Romeo MiTo Sport is the faster upscale model of the already-loaded MiTo. Praised as a "driver's car," the Sport has a 114kW 1.4 litre turbo charged four cylinder engine that can accelerate 0-100km/h in 8 seconds for  the car enthusiast who wants even more power and excitement.

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Want Style And Sensibility? The Alfa Romeo MiTo 2012 Is Sure To Please

For years, buying an Alfa Romeo meant buying a piece of Italy, a car with a history of racing victories under the hood and seductive design. Exciting as that is, the reality is that most people do not need racecars to drive to work and the supermarket. With its MiTo brand, released in 2009, Alfa ...

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Alfa Romeo Giulietta Specifications: Comparing The Giulietta In Oz

Car shoppers, as any others, love a good value. The 2012 Alfa Romeo Giulietta is not a "cheap" car, but topping out around $42,000 for its top-of-the line QV model, it delivers many features and benefits to the driver who wants both flair and performance. Aimed at the urb...

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8 Reasons The 2012 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Is The Safest Small Car

When you drive a car, you have to be concerned with safety. Especially if you find yourself transporting children, you want to make sure that they have a smooth, secure ride whether they are riding in a carrier or seat-belted in place. If you have a crash, you want you and your passengers to emer...

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