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Alfa Mito For Sale: Wise Car Shopping

Looking for a new vehicle can be a challenging experience even for the most sophisticated car buyer. When you're considering an Alfa MiTo for sale, you're clearly interested in an experience as smooth as an Alfa's engine. 

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Alfa Romeo's New 1750 TBI engine now available to order in 159 Sportwagon

The all-new Alfa Romeo 1750 TBi engine is now available in the stylish 159 Sportwagon to special order, complimenting the 2.4 litre JTD Turbo Diesel and 3.2 V6 JTS engines which are now available as standard with automatic gearboxes and, with the 1750 TBi and the 2.4 JTD, available with a choice ...

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What Is An Alfa Romeo Owners Club?

Are you wondering why you would want to join a car club? Besides the reasons listed below, you might want to note: Alfista is Italian for an owner of an Alfa Romeo, and an Alfisti is a group of owners.

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Alfa Romeo Brera bows out with final technological boost

The Alfa Romeo Brera, so beautiful that Jeremy Clarkson said it was the Angelina Jolie of cars, will close its account in 2011 but the Alfa Romeo coupe that is already a classic will not fade away, it will get one final technological boost so that its performance continues to match its dramatic g...

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Selenia Oil

Oil is the lifeblood of every car, and Selenia is the lifeblood of every Alfa.
 From the very first beat of every Alfa Romeo's engine, Selenia oil is the difference between it running as intended.

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Alfa Romeo's Rivals Reveal How Neville Crichton Beat Them

The skippers of Wild Oats XI and ICAP Leopard have revealed how Alfa Romeo and its skipper, Neville Crichton, beat them in the 2009 Rolex Sydney Hobart Race, to take his 144th win in the second super maxi to carry the Alfa Romeo name.

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Festival of Speed Celebrates Alfa's 100th Birthday

The Goodwood Festival of Speed, Europe's leading festival of everything automotive, stylish and high speed, celebrated Alfa Romeo's 100th birthday at the weekend (2-4 July 2010) by making the legendary Italian car maker its featured marque, with everything from a display of historic Alfa Romeos t...

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Alfa Romeo Maintains Perfect Bathurst Record

The Thomson Alfa SuperCharge Batteries racing team survived an immensely challenging Armor All Bathurst 12 hour race to finish 22nd of 42 starters, an effort that netted Alfa 159 JTD turbo diesel racers Kean Booker, Rocco Rinaldo and David Stone a win in Class F, the alternative fuel category of ...

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Alfa Romeo Giulietta Specification

When it comes to the Alfa Romeo Giulietta specification information, it's simple to download a brochure and learn more about this iconic automobile. But do brochures do justice to this culmination of 100 years of engineering? Here are some of the most exciting details about the Giulietta....

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Australian Alfa Romeo G1 Returns To Italy

The first ever Alfa Romeo and the only one left in the world, the Australian-owned Alfa Romeo G1, has returned to Italy as part of its Australia-wide tour to celebrate the centenary of Alfa Romeo, but it has not left the country.

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