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3 Reasons To Visit Your Local Alfa Romeo Dealership

Picture this. You’re cruising through the illustrious Australian Outback on holiday with the windows down, the music blaring and your gal by your side. She grabs your hand and giggles as you scuttle around the bend as you check your pocket for that diamond ring you’ve been carrying around and smi...

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Alfa Romeo Car Dealers Spill Juicy Motorsport Secrets

Here’s the biggest secret every Alfa Romeo car dealer knows: if they allow you to test drive an Alfa Romeo, you are sure to become another happy Alfa Romeo driver. In Australia, any Alfa Romeo car dealer can help you with the delightful task of exploring the latest car range from the best of Ital...

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Historic Alfa Romeo Heads for Tasmania

The very first Alfa Romeo, the G1, and the only one left in the world, has been entrusted to Spirit of Tasmania today (Tuesday 13 December 2011) to travel across Bass Strait to take part in a celebration of the legendary Italian car maker in Tasmania.

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Alfa Safety

The Alfa Romeo Giulietta has been designed to ensure maximum active safety. Every aspect has been optimised to ensure maximum control in every condition, from the frame to the suspension, from the brake system to the steering.

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Alfa Romeo Wins The 2009 Rolex Sydney To Hobart

After sailing a near perfect tactical race in extremely difficult conditions, with extremes from a testing 25-knot southerly, with a bumpy seaway through the first night, to a calm in the notoriously rough and windy Bass Strait, Neville Crichton's Alfa Romeo was first to finish in the 2009 Rolex ...

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Alfa Romeo Engines: Are You Moved?

You hear people say, "that was moving", when they encounter a film, a painting or a dramatic production they like. But really, what does it mean to be moved? You might expect, since this is an automotive blog, to hear discussion of the topic of moving from one point to another. And there are many...

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