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Buying Into The Alfa Romeo History Of Race Inspired Performance

Alfa Romeo's history goes back over a century and the brand has built a reputation for race inspired performance vehicles. Drivers today love the styling, the performance, and the power that comes with every model. Every Alfa Romeo looks and drives like a high performance luxury race car; a reput...

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The Alfa Romeo MiTo 2013 Price Has Never Been Lower

You've put off buying a new car because you don't want to pay those new car prices. Specifically, you've been looking at the Alfa Romeo MiTo 2013, price has been a stopping factor, for a while now and you're wondering if it's a good time to buy. The good news: this is actually an excellent time t...

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The 2013 Alfa Romeo MiTo: Remain Seated For Complete Comfort

A long, arduous drive can turn into a relaxing journey if you're headed in the right direction and the ride is comfortable. The 2013 Alfa Romeo MiTo defines comfort on the road with plenty of interior space and features luxury car owners will envy. While keeping an attractive price point and the ...

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Alfa Romeo Sales: Should You Buy Now Or Later?

There's been plenty of buzz in Australia about the arrival of Alfa Romeo's fine automobiles, and it doesn't seem like the enthusiasm will be waning any time soon. Plenty of drivers have snapped up their favourite models, but some have held back, wondering if the current Alfa Romeo sales will give...

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Top 3 Reasons Alfa Romeo Review Is Stellar

Ever wonder why Alfa Romeo vehicles are the best in town? Stellar reviews about its MultiAir technology, Alfa D.N.A. and Italian design make it clear an Alfa Romeo review is something to write home about.

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