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You Won't Need A 4-Leaf Clover To Stay Safe In Your Giulia

The newly re-designed Alfa Romeo Giulia gives track-worthy performance, plus some state-of-the-art safety technologies to give you a thrilling driving experience and premium protection from the dangers of the road.

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Alfa Romeo Giulia: Quadrifoglio Re-Incarnated

When the Alfa Romeo Giulia was first introduced in 1962, the idea of a high performance sedan was unheard of. The all-new Giulia carries on that innovative tradition, combining cutting-edge technology and elegant luxury into one thrilling ride wort...

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3 Reasons To Test Drive The Alfa Romeo 4C Spider

Auto reviews offer limited insight.
You can read about the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider's blistering speed (it tops out at 258 km/hr), cutting-edge engine technology and state-of-the-art suspension system. But such details, while informative, don't do the car justice. They can't. To truly appr...

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Alfa Romeo 4C Spider's Alfa DNA System Gives Total Control

The Alfa Romeo 4C Spider is engineered to give the driver total control and convenience over its astonishing power and ingenious technology. The Alfa DNA System is, in short, a master system that controls many of the car's other tech system...

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Alfa Romeo 4C Spider: Why Its Engine Is Turning Heads

Alfa Romeo has a racing heritage that dates back to 1913. Its cars have left their mark on Grand Prix racing, Formula One racing and several other motor sport categories. The latest Alfa Romeo 4C Spider comes with an impressive engine that ...

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3 Things You'll Love About The Alfa Romeo 4C Spider

Turbocharged and boasting air-slicing aerodynamics, the red-blooded, always-ready-for-action Alfa Romeo 4C Spider has Australian tongues wagging. This stylish supercar brings to mind the automaker's longstanding racing tradition. It looks and per...

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Alfa Romeo 4C Spider: Celebrating Our F1 Race Heritage

The Alfa Romeo 4C Spider combines the best features we developed for Formula 1 racing into the most thrilling production car we've ever produced. Beneath the sleek, sexy exterior lies the beating heart of an Alfa Romeo worthy of taking the ...

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Alfa Romeo Giulia: Race Car Performance, Luxury Car Comfort

The Alfa Romeo Giulia has been completely re-engineered for its re-introduction to the world. It retains the innovative spirit of the original Giulia, and embodies the winning heritage of the Quadrifoglio marque, and adds a new set of break-through...

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Driver Assistance Option Package For Alfa Romeo Giulia

The Alfa Romeo Giulia comes loaded with standard features to make driving safe and enjoyable.

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3 Ways The Alfa Romeo Giulia Engine Rocks The Competition

The Alfa Romeo Giulia engine may be disguised within the body of a sedan, but it is worthy of the Alfa emblem. Like all vehicles bearing the Alfa brand and heritage, none can match it.   Read more