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Alfa Romeo: Melbourne to Sydney, Enjoy A Coastal Drive

When you live in a coastal city on a vast continent like Australia, you think not only about what there is to do in town, but on what else lies along the coastline. There are plenty of places to visit in your Alfa Romeo. Melbourne is often ranked as the world's most liveable city. Melbourne is th...

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Alfa Romeo In Sydney: Cruising To The NSW Central Coast

Sydney offers plenty of things to do, and is the central hub for other attractions in the area. If you're looking for a great holiday, take your Alfa Romeo to Sydney and head for the New South Wales Central Coast. The area offers beautiful beaches, quaint alfresco cafés and restaurants, and plent...

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Alfa Romeo NSW Supersprint Races

Every person driving a sports car dreams about racing. You don't buy a car like an Alfa Romeo because it's safe and reliable - which it is, but that's not the point. You buy it for the powerful engine and the smooth handling. You yearn to open it up and see the road turn into a blur beneath your ...

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Mopar Expansion Is Good For Alfa Romeo Parts Buyers In Australia

Alfa Romeo, owned by Fiat, became part of the Chrysler family in 2009 when Fiat bought a controlling interest in Chrysler. Until May 2012, however, Ateco distributed Alfa in Australia. Now that Fiat Chrysler has taken over the distribution, you can expect to see the beloved Alfa showing up in Chr...

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Find The Perfect Alfa Romeo For Sale

Looking for your next vehicle? Want to buy something economical, without sacrificing performance and styling? If so, an Alfa Romeo for sale is your best bet. With famed Italian design and race inspired engineering, you are going to find what you are looking for. When you find the perfect Alfa Rom...

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The Alfa Giulietta Allows Today's Drivers To Have It All

There are so many conflicting desires when you begin the search for your next car. Comfort vs. engineering; safety vs. excitement…you get the idea. But the Alfa Giulietta allows you to have it all in one stunning package. You no longer have to sacrifice personality or the thrill of an awesome rid...

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