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Review Of An Alfa Romeo MiTo Shows A Legend In The Making

Cars in the Alfa Romeo line are often named for previous models, but the name "MiTo" is newly created. First named "Junior" at its release in Europe in 2009, renaming it was up for grabs, so a competition was held there. "Furiosa" won big in Italy, France, and the UK, but bombed in Spain. The com...

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Alfa MiTo: The Birth Of A Three-Door Sports Car

Haven't we all had a dream about driving a sports car, giving us the thrill of incredible power and handling? We long for a car to respond almost instinctively to our touch, but our budgets and our real lives dictate something more practical. What about when considering more mundane concerns such...

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Latest Alfa News Is Exciting News For Drivers

The Alfa Romeo is not new to Australia, but its recent shift in distributorships from Ateco Automotive to Chrysler is big and positive Alfa news. Along with Fiat, Alfa Romeo had low sales in Oz up to 2011, but Chrysler is expecting to reenergise the bran...

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Alfa Romeo Models: Two Choices To Fit Two Lifestyles

Once you've realised you deserve the luxury and performance of an Alfa Romeo you will have a decision to make. There are two fine Alfa Romeo models to choose from: the sporty MiTo and the luxurious Giulietta. Which model is better for you depends a lot on your lifestyle.

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Alfa Australia Creates New Name For An Old Brand

From its founding hundred years ago, Alfa Romeo has always turned heads. Even Henry Ford, who perfected assembly-line technology for his basic black car, paid homage to the Alfa’s custom looks and style. In Australia, there is a devoted core of enthusiasts who've kept the flame of Alfa Romeo aliv...

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