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Alfa Romeo For Sale: Australia's Drivers Fall For Beauty And Brains

There are plenty of automobiles on the market these days in Australia. Some people opt for a luxury car for the big city, but have to tolerate an outrageous price tag. Others opt for a brainy car with fuel saving features and plenty of safety options. But why settle for ho-hum just to be safe whi...

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An Alfa Romeo Giulietta Test Drive Will Win You Over

The car market saturated with possibilities these days, but not all of them combine fuel efficiency, a powerful engine and European style like the Alfa Romeo Giulietta. Take an Alfa Romeo Giulietta test drive and you'll immediately know you're behind the wheel of one of t...

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Alfa Australians Enter The RACV Great Australian Rally 2013

January is time for the RACV Great Australian Rally, sponsored by the Royal Automobile Club of Victoria. This event is not only fun for the family and a great way to see some classic cars in action but it also raises money for the Peter Mac Cancer Institute. The Read more

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Alfa Romeo in Perth: An Island Of Comfort In A Sea Of Traffic

It's hard to live in a city the size of Perth without a car. Transperth trains and busses run through much of the city, but even they can't cover over 5,000 square kilometres of area. If you're going to own a car then you might as well own the best. Driving an Alfa Romeo in Perth turns everyday e...

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Review Of Alfa Romeo Giulietta: Economical. Practical. But Sporty?

The first two are words commonly used to describe a hatchback. And they both work for our review of Alfa Romeo Giulietta…especially when you think about petrol efficiency, and especially if we’re talking about Junior’s first car or are still in the year 1985. But...

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Alfa Romeo MiTo Specifications: Sure To Excite Any Car Owner

The Alfa Romeo MiTo's specifications demand a closer by those looking for Italian performance and style in their next vehicle. Alfa Romeo is notorious for over a century of race inspired engineering, performance, and style.

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Review Of An Alfa Romeo MiTo Shows A Legend In The Making

Cars in the Alfa Romeo line are often named for previous models, but the name "MiTo" is newly created. First named "Junior" at its release in Europe in 2009, renaming it was up for grabs, so a competition was held there. "Furiosa" won big in Italy, France, and the UK, but bombed in Spain. The com...

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Alfa Romeo Giulietta Review: The Best Alfa Romeo Yet?

The critics have spoken and they are impressed by the new Giulietta. A host of reviews can be found online and in print giving glowing praise to this sporty 5-door vehicle. One Alfa Romeo Giulietta review even called it the best car in Alfa's 100-year history. So what has...

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Alfa MiTo: The Birth Of A Three-Door Sports Car

Haven't we all had a dream about driving a sports car, giving us the thrill of incredible power and handling? We long for a car to respond almost instinctively to our touch, but our budgets and our real lives dictate something more practical. What about when considering more mundane concerns such...

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New Alfa Romeo Giulietta: An Exciting Car With An Old Name Comes To Oz

Alfa Romeo has always been a company that liked its car names so much it keeps using them. Take the new Alfa Romeo Giulietta, for example. The car shares a name with popular models made between 1954-1965 and between 1977-1984. The new version, released in 2010, ha...

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