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Why Alfa Romeo Service Is The Best In Its Class

Though Alfa Romeo had humble beginnings with its Australian launch, with low production numbers, buyers don't have to fear a lack of quality service. What many people don't realise is Alfa Romeo, while an Italian-borne car, is part of the Chrysler Group, which includes Chrysler, Fiat and Jeep. Th...

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More Alfa Dealers In Australia Are Coming Soon, Announced Alfa Romeo

Recently the Chrysler Group made a big announcement heralded as a big step in bringing more Italian-made Alfa Romeo cars to Australia. The company plans on increasing production in order to triple sales in Australia in 2013.

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Alfa Romeo 2013 Models: Discover The Distinctive Details

The Alfa Romeo is legendary for its design. There has long been a connection between the fashionable European set and their Alfa Romeo cars. While every Alfa Romeo over the last century has its unique personality, none have had as many thoughtful touches throughout as the Alfa Romeo 2013 Models.

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Alfa MiTo Review: Three Things To Look For

Savvy consumers know how to do their homework when shopping for expensive purchases. Since your car is typically your second most costly investment, after your home, it makes sense you should compare cars of different makes and models to see which one suits your lifestyle with its standard featur...

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The New Alfa MiTo Price = More Affordable Than Ever!

Aussies have loved the Alfa Romeo ever since it was first imported down under. But until recently, it was hard to get your hands on one. The reason was not only the limited inventory, but also because of the restrictive Alfa MiTo price of the Italian icon that put it out of reach for many consumers.

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Find Your Perfect Alfa Romeo MiTo For Sale

The sporty three-door Alfa Romeo MiTo is flashy, yet unpretentious. It has high performance, yet is eco-friendly. The MiTo comes equipped with features only optional on its competitor's models, yet come standard on the MiTo.

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Three Reasons Environmentalists Love The New MiTo 2013

Reducing your carbon footprint has never been more fun! Usually going eco-friendly means sacrificing something, whether it’s the convenience of disposable nappies or the added cost of installing solar panels to your roof. But buying a car that's more fuel efficient while reducing standard emissio...

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Review Alfa Giulietta: The Real Truth About Alfa Engines

When you consider a review of Alfa Giulietta it might discuss both fuel economy and performance in the very same paragraph, do you find yourself scratching your head and wondering how on earth that could be the case? Because as we all know, conventional wisdom tells us that there can be either pe...

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Is The Alfa MiTo Price Really Worth It?

One of the top considerations when buying an Alfa MiTo is price. Especially if you're switching to Alfa Romeo from another brand, you might wonder if the MiTo price is really worth paying.

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Alfa Romeo Giulietta Reviews: Truth And Lies In Car Reviews

One of the hardest things for a prospective new car shopper to do is to determine what is true and what is a lie when it comes to reading reviews. These days, especially with the emergence of the Internet, well, anyone can make an article look like an "official" review, and official reviews thems...

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