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A Review Of Alfa Romeo Giulietta Calls It "Fashion On Four Wheels"

A recent review of Alfa Romeo Giulietta by a popular Australian style blog coined the Giulietta "fashion on four wheels". The review was from a feminine perspective and focused on the fashionable looks of the car and not the technical specs most men focus on, illustrating...

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Enjoy Spectacular Road Trips In Your Alfa Romeo In NSW

Is it time for a holiday? You don't have to go abroad to enjoy it. Just pack up the Alfa and get on the road for your "staycation." Whether you're taking a romantic holiday for two in your MiTo or a family road trip in the Giulietta, you'll love the comforts of your Read more

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5 Reasons Gadget Guys Love The Alfa Romeo MiTo

The Alfa Romeo MiTo isn't geared to men, but it's definitely gotten a following from a specific demographic: Gadget guys. You know the type. They have the latest mobile phone and love anything high-tech, which is why they love the Alfa Romeo MiTo. Here are the top five gadgety...

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Alfa Romeo Sports Cars: Which One Fits Your Style?

The current family of Alfa Romeo sports cars have a superior racing pedigree. They follow a long line of legendary race car winners from historic races including Le Mans in 1931, the French Grand Prix in 1951, up to recent years. Those race car designs i...

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Why Alfa Owners Agree - It's Not A Car. It's An Alfa Romeo

Alfa owners will be more than happy to tell you that it's not a car, it's an Alfa Romeo. Why are they so excited about owning an Alfa? There are plenty of reasons to own an Alfa; here are just a few of the reasons why you should own one as well.

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Get The Most Out Of A Test Drive Of An Alfa In AU

The sexy commercial you saw might have motivated you to stop at an Alfa Romeo dealer, but deciding to buy an Alfa in AU is going to take more convincing. Sure the romantic notions and dreams of Italian lovers are great, but the practical side of you is b...

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The Alfa Romeo Giulietta Review Proves Power Is In Its DNA

Your DNA is what defines who you are. Passed down from your mum and dad, your characteristics are influenced by that genetic blueprint. The Alfa Romeo Giulietta has DNA passed through several generations of Alfa Romeo models as well. But Alfa DNA is all about making it your own and stepping outsi...

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Join The Club! Alfa Romeo Car Dealers & Auto Clubs Connect You To Other Alfa Lovers

If you're a fanatical Alfa Romeo car lover, you probably can't wait to hear the latest news. Which new models will launch in Australia? When? You also need to keep on a strict maintenance schedule with your pride and joy. Where can you connect with other Alfa owners or go to vintage Alfa Romeo ca...

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3 Reasons The Alfa Romeo MiTo 2013 Is Popular With Eco-Conscious Consumers

You don't have to be a staunch environmentalist to lower your carbon footprint. A lot of car shoppers think the only way to go green is to buy an electric or hybrid car. But the Alfa Romeo MiTo 2013 is a great option as one of the greenest petrol-powered cars on the planet. There are three reason...

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Show Your Alfa Love With Alfa Romeo Accessories In Australia

Whether you're a footy, tennis or racing fan, if you can't miss a game, you're probably the type of guy who wears his team jersey on game day. That passion for sports is similar to what Alfa Romeo enthusiasts feel for their cars. So what's the best way t...

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