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Alfa Romeo Giulia’s Unprecedented Performance Power

Alfa Romeo’s marks its return to the competitive mid-size sports sedan market in 2017 with the all-new Alfa Romeo Giulia. Two distinct systems, including AlfaLink™ suspension and Q4 All-Wheel drive, ensure superior control and road grip in the Read more

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Superior Features Make Alfa Romeo Giulia Stands Out From The Crowd

Alfa Romeo re-enters the mid-size premium sedan market in 2017 with the Alfa Romeo Giulia, which delivers gorgeous Italian style inside and out. The Alfa Romeo Giulia is unmistakably Italian and handcrafted with premium materials that make it stand...

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Alfa Romeo Giulia Expected To Offer Broad Range Of Engines

How a car looks on the outside is an important guide to your selection, but what’s under the hood determines performance. The Alfa Romeo Giulia is expected to offer a line-up of engines to guarantee your happiness with its looks and your happiness ...

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Meet The Alfa Romeo Giulia At The Geneva Motor Show

Car shows held around the world are exciting industry events that present what is in development and what might hit the market in the future. First presented at the Milan show in June 2015, the upcoming Alfa Romeo Guilia was further unveiled at the...

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Alfa Romeo Giulia Shows Technology At Work

The Alfa Romeo Giulia, intended to be a handsome family sedan, will build on the technology developed in the creation of the beautiful 4C sports car. For the 4C, the company combined the finest in Italian design with Maserati manufacturing to creat...

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The Alfa Romeo Giulia; The Start Of A New Era

When the Alfa Romeo Giulia hits the market, it will drive in with an agenda. In the words of FCA Australia President and CEO Pat Doherty say...

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A Few Basics About The Alfa Romeo Giulia

Early next year, the long-awaited Alfa Romeo Guilia will hit the shores of Australia. Expected to be replacement for the 159 sedan, the Guilia is planned as the first new mainstream Alfa model. It is unlikely to arrive here until early 2017, but wh...

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Alfa Romeo 4C Spider Has Four Driving Modes In Unique DNA System

The Alfa Romeo 4C Spider features Alfa’s world renowned DNA System, which allows you to change the driving mode for an individualised experience and to maximise safety, power, and control. 

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Focus On Three Unique Features Of The Alfa Romeo 4C Spider

The Alfa Romeo 4C Spider is a truly unmatched sports car with innumerable unique features. Today let’s focus on three categories in specific and take a look at some of the qualities that make the Read more

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Take A Look At The Alfa Romeo 4C Spider’s Unprecedented Engine

The Alfa Romeo 4C spider’s turbocharged engine delivers 1750 cc of unprecedented power. Ultra-high pressure direct fuel injection, scavenging technology, two continuously variable valve-timing units, and a dual clutch complement this. The f...

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