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The Alfa Romeo 4C In Australia 4 Important Facts

Since it's unveiling as a concept vehicle in 2011, the Alfa Romeo 4C has been slowly redefining what it means to drive, and own, a truly unique supercar. But with so much buzz surrounding this beautiful Italian-made auto, we know that you have questions about exactly what the 4C has to offer. Bel...

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Introducing The New Alfa Romeo 4C

Years in the making, the 2014 Alfa Romeo 4C is finally ready to debut on Australian shores this year. The 4C represents European styling that is distinctly Alfa, but with performance features finely tuned with Australian drivers in mind. Offering the technical excellence and attention to detail t...

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Presenting Australia's First Accessible Supercar - The Alfa 4C

Here at Alfa Romeo we don't believe that the luxury driving experience should be limited only to those who can afford to spend upwards of half a million dollars on their auto. The arrival of the Alfa 4C will represent the birth of a new kind of supercar, one that combines cutting edge engineering...

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The Story Behind Making The Alfa 4C In Australia A Reality

The wait is finally over. The Alfa Romeo 4C is on its way to Australia, and it brings with it a price tag that will make it one of the most affordable supercars in the world. It's been a long journey, but one that we at Alfa Romeo believe has produced one of the finest vehicles to ever grace Aust...

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10 Reasons Why Having An Alfa 4C For Sale Is Exciting News

From the time that the Alfa Romeo 4C was first presented at the Geneva auto show in 2011, car lovers worldwide have been salivating at the prospect of sitting behind the wheel and testing its capabilities. Now, just three years later, the production version of the Alfa 4C is for sale, even in Aus...

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Meet The Alfa Romeo 4C 2014, The New Face Of The Brand

Despite a long history of cars known for their style, innovation, and technological prowess, Alfa Romeo is only sold in 5% of the world, a situation that owner Fiat wants to change. By 2016, the company would like to see market penetration increased to 32%. The car chosen as the new face of the b...

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