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The Story Behind Making The Alfa 4C In Australia A Reality

The wait is finally over. The Alfa Romeo 4C is on its way to Australia, and it brings with it a price tag that will make it one of the most affordable supercars in the world. It's been a long journey, but one that we at Alfa Romeo believe has produced one of the finest vehicles to ever grace Aust...

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Alfa Romeo Unveils New Giulietta and MiTo Quadrifoglio Verde Models At Geneva

The legendary Quadrifoglio Verde, which has identified Alfa Romeo’s highest performing models since 1923, is back with dynamic new versions.

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Leading Chef Guy Grossi Becomes Australia’s First Alfa Romeo Ambassador

Fiat Chrysler Group has appointed Guy Grossi as Australia’s first official Alfa Romeo ambassador, creating a link between the iconic Italian automotive brand and arguably the country’s most highly regarded Italian chef and restaurateur.

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10 Reasons Why Having An Alfa 4C For Sale Is Exciting News

From the time that the Alfa Romeo 4C was first presented at the Geneva auto show in 2011, car lovers worldwide have been salivating at the prospect of sitting behind the wheel and testing its capabilities. Now, just three years later, the production version of the Alfa 4C is for sale, even in Aus...

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Revealed: Three Ways A 2014 Alfa QV Is The Ideal Car For The Urban Professional

Your work is very important to you, as is making a good impression on those you cross paths with. The 2014 Alfa QV is the perfect car to do just this, as it has the perfect balance of strength, performance, and practicality.

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Meet The Alfa Romeo 4C 2014, The New Face Of The Brand

Despite a long history of cars known for their style, innovation, and technological prowess, Alfa Romeo is only sold in 5% of the world, a situation that owner Fiat wants to change. By 2016, the company would like to see market penetration increased to 32%. The car chosen as the new face of the b...

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The Alfa 4C Price In Australia Is Astonishingly Affordable

Alfa Romeo is a name that instantly evokes visions of gorgeous Italian engineering and automobiles with engines that push the envelope, whether you're cruising across town or streaking from one side of Australia to the other. One of the most popular and beautiful models is the 4C, but many driver...

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From Alfa Romeo 4C Concept To Production

Just three years after it was first introduced to the world, the Alfa Romeo 4C has gone from concept car to production. Its impending release has gathered so much media attention and public interest that it's a good thing the car has a composite body or all the drooling might cause it to rust.

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Alfa Romeo 4C Latest News

Australians car buyers are used to hearing about models they never get. The market here was seen as too small to justify the expense of re-engineering cars for right-side drive, which left Aussies with money in hand and unable to buy what they wanted. Since Fiat has centralised marketing operatio...

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Alfa Romeo 4C To Make First Australian Appearance At Phillip Island

The Australian public will get its first glimpse of the Alfa Romeo 4C supercar at Phillip Island this weekend.

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