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Are Italian Sports Cars Really Worth The Money?

If you've ever wondered if Italian sports cars are really worth the money, you're definitely not the first person to do so. With more affordable cars on the market, many drivers may wonder if Italian sports cars really offer enough to make them worth the investment. In this review, we will discus...

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3 Luxurious Details About The Alfa Romeo 4C Concept

One thing is true about the Alfa Romeo 4C: it is the epitome of luxury. Extravagance has been infused into its every detail, from its ultra sleek body to its welcoming leather seats. This car has been making waves since it arrived on Australian shores last year, taking Alfa Romeo style and perfor...

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2 Characteristics That Are Unique To The Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio Verde

Quadrifoglio Verde (or "QV") is a term that you may have heard before in reference to Alfa Romeo cars, but perhaps you have never known what it means. What features do Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio Verde variants have that other Alfa Romeo cars don't? What makes them special? In this review, we will di...

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3 Things You May Not Expect From the Alfa Romeo MiTo Review

The Alfa Romeo MiTo is the kind of car that makes you look twice when you see it on the road, but what many people may not know is that it has a lot more to offer than just great style. Reading reviews is a great way to see what cars are made of. Below, we will discuss three things that may surpr...

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Alfa Romeo MiTo Or Giulietta Offer Power In a Different Sized Shell

Torn between buying an Alfa Romeo MiTo or Giulietta? Both of these sweet Italian commuter cars offer distinctive Italian looks and have the same family genes. Neither has compromised on style nor po...

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Alfa Romeo Giulietta Review 2015 Combines Style And Function

As a car buyer, once you get past your first car or two, which are likely to be cheap clunkers or Aunt Mary's hand-me-down, you look for a car that offers you more than just the basics. You aim for style and power as well as function. Your search may well lead you to Read more

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Alfa Giulietta 2015 Buying Guide Reveals Solid Choices For Aussie Drivers

If you are looking to buy a new Giulietta, you have exciting alternatives to consider this year. The line up has changed a bit but there are two solid picks with two transmission choices in the...

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Newest Of Italian Sports Cars From Alfa Romeo Destined To Be A Classic

If "Italian sports cars" were a foreign phrase, its translation might well be "Alfa Romeo." Throughout its more than 100-year history, the company has produced some of the hottest sports cars in the world and the tradition continues. The brand is conside...

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2015 Alfa Romeo 4C Review Shows A Car Worth Waiting For

Well, Australia, the wait is almost over for a new sporty Alfa. Very soon, those who have been drooling over car magazine opinions on the subject can write a 2015 Alfa Romeo 4C review of their own. The ca...

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Don't Forget The Giulietta When You Are Looking For Family Cars

When you are looking for family cars, there comes a point when you might look for an SUV or a van of some type. Before you get to that point, the Alfa Romeo Giulietta offers an option that is attractive and practical. Here are four reasons why y...

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