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With The Alfa Romeo Giulia, Performance Is Always Number One

The Alfa Romeo Giulia performance is top in its class. It’s like no other sedan you’ve ever driven; it’s part sedan, part race car and all Alfa. When your life demands a 4-door vehicle, you don’t need to sacrifice your love of driving.  

You Asked For A Sporty 4-Door Vehicle And Alfa Was Up To The Challenge
Maybe you’re expecting a child or you’ve landed a job that requires you to entertain clients. Or maybe you want to make sure your partner and the dog fit in the car comfortably on trips. When our lives require a 4-door vehicle, we usually resign ourselves to a reliable, conventional, and even boring car that serves its purpose, but is otherwise joyless. But don’t despair just yet, because your love of driving doesn’t have to end because you need 4 doors instead of 2. The Giulia has the heart and soul of a race car, the body of a sleek and attractive sedan, and a pedigree and heritage that is 100% Alfa.  

Here Are 3 Features That Prove The Alfa Romeo Giulia Performance Is Second To None

 ·        More Horsepower Than The BMW M3 And M4
The Giulia has a twin-turbo V-6 that, along with the high-performance Quadrifoglio trim, produces a whopping 505 horsepower. For comparison’s sake, this is 80 more than BMW's M3 and M4. The Alfa Romeo Giulia flies from zero to 100 in just 3.8 seconds, making it possibly the fastest sedan on the market.  

 ·        Carbon Ceramic Brakes Allow For Great Precision When Stopping
The carbon ceramic brakes, like the rest of the body, are light and strong. This makes for easy, quick and precise stopping, and coupled with the aluminium and carbon fibre body, you’ve got speed with tons of control.  

·        Adjustable Spoiler Gives Better Grip At Higher Speeds
The Giulia comes equipped with a completely unique active aero front splitter, which is an adjustable carbon fibre spoiler that is blended seamlessly into the front lower fascia. It automatically lowers, which, at high speeds, increases handling and performance. No other sedan is built to sustain speed like this.  

There’s No Beating The Giulia On Style, Performance And Utility
The Alfa Romeo Giulia has it all; and if that surprises you, you’ve never owned an Alfa. The Giulia comes from a long line of cars built for speed and precision. However, none are so versatile as this amazing sedan. Should the two-seaters have all of the fun? Alfa doesn’t think so, which is why they built the Giulia to perform like a biposto, with the added utility of a back seat. When our mature lifestyles demand more practicality, we don’t have to sacrifice performance with the Giulia.   Find out more about the sedan that performs like a biposto, contact Find out why the entirely new Giulia has earned its Alfa pedigree.