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Why The Alfa Romeo 147 GTA Review Proves It’s The Right Car For You

Searching for the perfect car can seem like an impossible task. There are so many considerations such as the look, the feel, safety features, performance rating, the cost and so on. You want a car that fits your personal style and is fun to drive, but still offers safety and reliability. The right blend of all these elements can be difficult to find in just one vehicle, but the good news is that these are all of the same elements highlighted in the Alfa Romeo 147 GTA review.  The 147 GTA model launched in the early 2000s and boasted several enhanced features based on the wildly popular 147 model. The following are a few reasons the Alfa Romeo 147 GTA review proves it is the car you should buy:

Exceptional Performance Ratings

The Alfa Romeo has been labelled as a muscular, high-performance hatchback that has made a name for itself. With a V6 engine, packed with 247 horsepower and 220 lo-fi of torque, combined with front-wheel-drive, gives the car an overall wilful power delivery. The 146 GTA also allows the driver to feel connected and in control by incorporating accurate steering and stopping power. The GTA’s wider body, lowered suspension and bigger tires also allow the driver to grip the road easily and navigate turns smoothly.

Exclusive and Sporty Design

The Alfa Romeo 147 GTA review proves the car stayed true to its Italian heritage in terms of style and comfort. The car has plenty of room despite being offered only as a 3-door hatchback, and has leather interior with optional luxury leather trim. The GTA retains the sleek look of the 147, while also being a stronger and sportier version. The larger alloy wheels, the lengthened bonnet and larger bumper, the additional intakes, and the trademark fang-shaped grille combine to accomplish the traditional yet sporty model; available in 10 different body colours.

Racing Capabilities and Safety Features

The performance ratings of the 147 GTA indicate that the vehicle is fun to drive on both the highway and the track. The GTA is the fastest car in its class, with the ability to go from 0-60mph in approximately 6.1 seconds, and top out at speeds above 150mph. The amount of torque steer as well as front-wheel-drive give the car a competitive edge. The car is also equipped with all of the proper safety features, however, including 6 air bags, anti-lock brake system, vehicle dynamic control and anti-slip regulation to allow for more traction control.

Alfa Romeo has a reputation for creating quality cars that are fun to drive and have irresistible Italian flair. If you are interested in learning more about the Alfa Romeo 147 GTA, or other Alfa Romeo new or pre-owned products available, find a dealer near you!