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Why An Alfa Romeo Giulietta Review Sees The Car As The Perfect Car For City Life

Life in the city is exciting, but it can sometimes be tough to find the right car to suit your busy urban life. Cars need to be the perfect mix of everything - looks, performance, and safety. An Alfa Romeo Giulietta review agrees with this notion,

Life In The City Demands Sophisticated Looks To Grab Attention

Sure, one of the easiest cars to drive in the city is a compact car. But you need to consider more than just a car’s size, and the best example of a car that is small, yet beautiful, is an Alfa Romeo Giulietta. Review the specifications, and you will see this compact hatchback was made for city driving. But there is more to it. The Giulietta is a beautiful car with a retro vibe that looks like Alfa’s roadsters from another era. No matter where your busy life takes you, people will notice you as you drive to your destination. So, enjoy the best of both worlds - a beautiful car that navigates the city streets like a pro.

An Alfa Romeo Giulietta Review Values A Car That Handles Well On City Streets

Of course a small car can fit places where its larger counter parts cannot, but it’s also important that a car be able to handle itself as well. For starters, the available Alfa TCT (twin clutch transmission) delivers continuous power and traction, without losing power as you shift. This allows you to leave the slower drivers in the dust. In addition, the renowned DNA system allows you to change your car’s handling to match driving conditions. Now, regardless of whether you experience your normal drive, tricky road conditions, or if you just want a sportier driving experience, your Alfa has you covered.

A Reliable Engine And Safety Features Are A Must Have For Any Driver

A good engine gives you the power to get to your destination quickly and easily. Read an Alfa Romeo Giulietta review and you will learn that this car has an award winning MultiAir engine under its bonnet. Start&Stop technology ensures that your car is only running when you need it to be, maximising your fuel efficiency. You can drive with the comfort that the Giulietta was awarded a five-star NCAP safety rating, the best available.

Find out how to make a Giulietta part of your city life.