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What To Expect: An Alfa Giulietta QV Launch Edition Review

The newest car from Alfa Romeo, the Alfa Giulietta, is out and people are clamouring to get a glimpse at it. It can be difficult to know what to expect in a completely new and revitalised car, but it always helps to know what to expect. It is more than just a beautiful commercial and a name – it is strength and style mixed into one.


Inside the car, expect to see the light that you won’t find in many other cars. The Giulietta has beautiful lines and a unique dashboard that gives the driver complete control. This car screams sporty and sleek while still showing off the luxury that you’ve come to expect from Alfa Romeo. The three-spoke steering wheel adds a bit of glamour to the sportiness, but also reminds you of the traditional racing cars from which it developed.


The theme of glamour meets sports continues on the outside of the car, with a feisty front end with LED running lights. The profile is extremely slick and sleek, including all of the five doors, and twists and curves. Every turn of the car is designed to make it more aerodynamic and beautiful, no matter the terrain.

The car is so streamlined that it looks like it was all cut from the same sheet of metal, and performs like a workhorse at its best.

On The Road

Alfa D.N.A. and Alfa TCT work together to make a driving experience like you have never felt before. This edition has both so that your preferences and tastes can be accounted for when you are driving.  The Alfa D.N.A. acts on the engine, brakes, steering, gearbox, suspension and accelerator, adjusting for road conditions. The Alfa TCT is a 6-speed automate gearbox that helps when shifting the gears on your car. Together, you will feel more comfortable and more in control while on the road.

On the Go

Connect with the Alfa Romeo Owner’s App, available on the App Store and the Google Play Store, to get the most out of your car. Alfa Romeo will be there for you if you need roadside assistance, can’t find your handbook, or if you just need some help remembering when you need to change your oil.

Take the Alfa Giulietta QV Launch Edition for a test drive today and leave your expectations at home – just feel for yourself!