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Top Auto: Alfa Romeo 159 Review

Don't buy another auto until you learn all about the Alfa Romeo 159. If you haven't heard, the 159 is the premium compact executive car that has been made in the last decade. For anyone looking to get a top vehicle at top value, the 159 has to be on your shopping list. Thanks to Alfa's certified pre-owned vehicle program, you are guaranteed peace of mind thanks to an exhaustive inspection process and a long history of impeccable service.

There's no better way to get a luxury vehicle at such a low price without sacrificing features or capability.

Get Everything You Want From An Auto: Alfa Romeo 159 Review 

Alfa created the 159 to compete with and beat other top European luxury cars, all the while offering better economy and value. Alfa Romeo did just that with the 159. They used premium materials and all of their 100 years of race inspired experience to put together a one-of-a-kind vehicle. You'll find the features you really want, a powerful engine, and a great driving experience whether you are on your daily commute or a pleasure cruise.

Impress And Be Impressed By Impeccable Italian Design And Engineering

The 159 makes a bold statement every time you put it on the road. The classic Italian design and styling instantly create envy thanks to the meticulous care put into every crafted body detail. The interior cabin is like a home away from home thanks to dual zone climate control, premium seating, and a long list of comfort and luxury features. 

Love The Drive Every Time You Put The 159 In Gear

The 159 is powered by a diesel engine that gives you plenty of power coupled with amazing efficiency. You have the performance to handle any road condition without emptying your fuel tank. Feel free to press the accelerator pedal and enjoy the ride.

If you want a brand new vehicle for just a bit more, you can head down to your Alfa Romeo dealer and check out all the latest models. You can't go wrong no matter which Alfa Romeo you choose!