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Three Reasons Why You Should Buy A Used Alfa Romeo MiTo

Buying an Alfa Romeo MiTo is more affordable than you think! The only thing you sacrifice when you buy a used Alfa is the price! Buying a used Alfa Romeo MiTo offers many of the same benefits as buying new!

Fulfil Your Alfa Dream With A Pre-Owned MiTo

Do you love the MiTo’s iconic style, but cannot always afford new Alfa prices? Then buying a used MiTo is definitely for you. With lower processing fees, extended warrantees and a great selection of recently pre-owned vehicles, your new-to-you MiTo is well within your grasp! Here are some reasons why buying a used MiTo is your best option:

• A Smaller Price Tag, Without Sacrificing Style Or Quality
You never sacrifice style or quality when you buy a certified pre-owned MiTo. Each vehicle is inspected and repaired with authentic Alfa parts, often times putting them in as good or better repair than new, off-the-lot vehicles.

• Many Are Off The Lot New Vehicles From The Previous Year
Many of the vehicles are returns or “leftovers” from the precious year, so essentially you are getting a brand new vehicle. Your pre-owned or leftover MiTo may even still have that new car smell!

• Comes With Many Of The Same Perks And Warrantees As New
Most often, your used MiTo will come with extended warrantees and value added perks that are just as comprehensive, maybe more so, than buying new. You know when you’ve purchased an Alfa you’ll be covered.

“Pre-Owned” Does Not Mean Lower Quality

Alfa has high standards, it’s probably one of the many reasons you love their vehicles. The same holds true for their pre-owned vehicles as well; the Alfa standards carry through to both their used and new vehicles. This means that your pre-owned Alfa Romeo MiTo will be in supreme condition and is ready to tear up the road ahead just as much as you are. The only aspect that is reduced is the price. So, harness your inner Alfisti and find your perfect pre-owned MiTo!

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