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Three Reasons Why Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint 2015 Is 100% Pure Alfa

Think a family car can’t be sporty? Think again! The Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint 2015 is both a family car and 100% Pure Alfa.

Alfa DNA With Plenty Of Room For The Family

The idea of a sports car and a family car have previously been completely antithetical…until now! The Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint 2015 blends all of the nimble and luxury elements you expect from an Alfa, with the safety features and legroom needed for a great family vehicle. Here are a few features you can look forward to in the new Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint 2015.

Advanced Technology Equals A Smooth, Top Speed

The Sprint can achieve a top speed of 201 km per hour and it accelerates from 0 to 100 in 8.2 seconds. Not only is the Giulietta fast, but it’s efficient, too. It has extremely limited consumption and emissions: in the combined cycle, the figures are 5.7 l/100 km and 131 g/km of CO2 respectively.

The Highest Safety Standards For A Secure Ride

The Sprint has ESP, six airbags, anti-whiplash system, third load line for excellent passenger compartment protection and three-point seat belts with double pretensioner. The signature Alfa DNA transfers torque to the outer wheel when cornering, to prevent understeer at the front, which creates better traction in all weather conditions, rain or shine.

Twin Clutch Automatic Transmission Is Pure Driving Joy

The Alfa TCT twin dry clutch automatic transmission, in combination with the 1.4 MultiAir Turbo Petrol 170 HP and 2.0 JTDM 175 HP engines, ensures the greatest level of efficiency, driving comfort and control; some would argue even more than a manual gearbox!

More Than Your Average Hatchback, More Than Your Average Sports Car

This powerhouse of a car is more than your average hatchback or sports car! It has the horsepower that every Alfa delivers, with room for more passengers in the rear of the car, as well as some storage and room in the boot. This car is everything a family needs, with the speed and safety to make the fun last.

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