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The Three Most Loved Alfa Romeo 147 Features

The Alfa Romeo 147 was a popular family car, produced between the years 2000 and 2010. During its production, it was voted European Car of the Year. Although this car is no longer in production, it is easy to see the impact this model had on modern Alfa models, particularly the Giulietta. With a history of automotive excellence, it’s easy to see the evolution Alfa has experienced over the years.

The Alfa Romeo 147 Had Award Winning Styling That Influenced The Giulietta

The Alfa Romeo 147 enjoyed popularity straight from its launch. It won various styling awards for its sleek look. In 2004, held against the modern Giulietta, it is easy to see the resemblance. The idea of the ‘hot hatch’ is alive and well, with the elegance of the 147 being reflected in the Giulietta’s look. Updated with modern materials, and styled to modern standards, the Giulietta is a popular family car, just as the 147 was previously.

The 147 Had Great Acceleration That Made Drivers Feel Like They Were Driving A Rocket

People like a car that has some pep to it. When they put their foot on the accelerator, they want a car that is responsive - it doesn’t matter if they are driving a family car or a flashy sports car. Alfa Romeo 147 drivers enjoyed the power that was under the bonnet. Drivers behind the Giulietta’s 1.4 L Turbo Petrol engine are treated to the same exhilaration, in a shiny new package.

Just Like Today’s Alfas, Drivers Could Choose A High Performance Option

The most dedicated drivers are drawn to high performance vehicles. This was no different with the Alfa Romeo 147, and its GTA model. A 3.2L V6 engine, this car was a powerhouse. Reaching a top speed of 246 km/h, this was not a car for the timid driver. The body was slightly wider, to account for increased handling needs. It was a limited release, with only 5.029 models built, but car enthusiasts loved it just the same. The Giulietta QV is the high performance vehicle that Alfa lovers are drawn to today.

Take a look at the new Giulietta and see how the Alfa Romeo 147 lives on in the Alfa Romeo Brand.