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The Alfa Romeo MiTo: Everything You Need To Know About This Vehicle's Safety Innovations

The Alfa Romeo name has become synonymous with class, comfort, and convenience. Anyone climbing inside any of the cars in this renowned line up has come to expect superior quality, opulent materials, and easy-to-access features for a thoroughly enjoyable riding experience on any surface and terrain. However, many drivers don't realise that this manufacturer has also established itself as a leading safety innovator as well. Case in point? The Alfa Romeo MiTo.

Looking for optimal peace of mind that you're driving a car that touts the very latest safety innovations? Read on; knowing some of the many features that this vehicle offers can help you make an informed purchasing decision based on your lifestyle and needs.

The Alfa Romeo MiTo Makes Safety A Priority

The first thing you'll learn about the Alfa Romeo MiTo's complete commitment to safety is that it’s been recognised on an international level. The Alfa Romeo MiTo has been awarded a five-star Euro NCAP rating. This prestigious recognition is only presented to the most safety-centric vehicles on the road today.

Beyond international recognition, the Alfa Romeo MiTo also delivers a comprehensive range of safety features and innovations to make every excursion as safety conscious as possible. Some safety features have been designed to grant optimal control to the driver, such as Anti-lock brakes with Electronic force Distribution, cornering brake control, dynamic steering torque and vehicle dynamic control. These standard systems deliver unparalleled capability and traction on every outing to get you and your passengers to your destination safely.

Protecting You In Any Event

However, sometimes accidents do occur. For these situations, the Alfa Romeo MiTo also provides extensive features designed specifically for impact control. An anti-whiplash device on the seats, a collapsible steering wheel and 7 airbags distributed throughout the cabin can all assist with protecting everyone inside of the vehicle in case of collision. The Alfa Romeo MiTo even offers dual pretensions on the front seat belts to keep you and your passengers safe in the event of an accident.

Ready to learn more about the many safety features offered by the Alfa Romeo MiTo? Visit your local authorised dealership today to set up a test drive!