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The Alfa Romeo Giulia In Australia By 2016

The Alfa Romeo Giulia In Australia By 2016  
After waiting for a full three years, your patience and anticipation will finally be rewarded! Write up your grown-up Christmas lists, because we can expect the Alfa Romeo Giulia in Australia by 2016.  

The Moment You’ve Been Waiting For; The Giulia Arrives In Australia
Drum roll, please! Those years of waiting are close to an end; the Alfa Romeo Giulia is almost here! With design input from Maserati and Ferrari, the Giulia is a sedan like no other you‘ve seen before. It not only outshines its peers in the efficiency department, but it drives identically to its sportier siblings. So, technically this isn’t really a sedan, but a sports car for families with more than two members. There truly is nothing else like the Alfa Romeo Giulia.  

If you’re still not convinced that this unique and singular vehicle will take Australia by storm, here are some of the Giulia’s prominent and most exiting features:  

The Same Engine Used In The 4C And Spider
The Giulia has the same 180kW 1750cc turbo four-cylinder engine, as its sportier contemporaries, the 4C and 4C Spider. Why? Because underneath its four-door exterior are the inner workings of a first class race car.    Active-Roll Control Suspension   The Giulia’s Suspension design includes active-roll control, a system that automatically adjusts dampers and springs when you’re turning corners or driving over rough or uneven road surfaces. The Giulia also included an active damping system that enables the driver to adjust the handling balance and ride.  

Comes With A Complete Alfa DNA Steering And Response Range
The Giulia comes standard with the DNA dynamic steering control system, which is already available on the MiTo and Giulietta. This allows you to choose your level of steering control based on weather conditions, road conditions, or your personal preference. This not only makes driving an Alfa more enjoyable, it makes for a safer drive, too.  

Learn More About The Giulia’s Arrival
Are you waiting for the Giulia’s arrival with baited breath? Do you want to learn more about exactly when and where this dynamic sedan will arrive in your town? Contact our website to get in-depth information about the arrival of this brand new, genre-bending sports sedan.