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The Alfa Romeo 4C Spider; The Coupe Without A Roof

How Does The Alfa Romeo 4C Spider Compare With The Coupe?

With the introduction of the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider, you now have two great sports car choices from one of the most well respected car manufacturers in the world. Known for their fast cars and their great looks, Alfa Romeo has, once again, offered cars that are mindful of Alfa's 100 plus years of history and artistry.

Two Models, Same Great Craftsmanship

On the market in Australia less than two years after the original 4C Coupe, the Spider retains what made the original an intriguing car. Designed by Italians and manufactured by Maserati in Modena, Italy, all models are literally handmade to ensure expert craftsmanship on each one.

Both models have a 1,750 cc aluminium, 4-cylinder, turbocharged 240hp (177kW) petrol engine, 6-speed TCT transmission with steering wheel, paddle shifters, DNA driving modes with launch technology, and rear wheel drive.

What’s Different About The Alfa Romeo 4C Spider?

The biggest difference between the Spider and the 4C Coupe is the roof. Designed with an easily removable canvas roof, the Spider offers the ultimate driving experience. With the roof open you can hear the roar of the engine even more intensely and feel the wind in your hair.

In order to offer this experience, Alfa Romeo did a bit of reengineering to the windscreen frame and pillars that support the roof. While the originals in the 4Cs were a SMC (Sheet Moulded Composite) and welded steel tube assembly, the 4C Spider has a single carbon fibre lay-up to make the frame stronger.

Other Model Year Changes 

To reduce the weight, Alfa replaced a glass engine cover with a solid mesh one. Also, the engine cover is flatter, which allows for slightly better rear vision and enhances the lines of the car.

The Spider also gets benefit of some upgrades to the line. For example, the dashboard is now wrapped in handcrafted, twin stitched leather, instead of plastic. The seats are now adjustable, with newly added backrests. The TCT twin clutch gearbox is calibrated a bit better. The 4C line of cars is committed to continuous improvement.

For more information about the fast and beautiful Alfa Romeo 4C Spider, contact your dealer today.