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The Alfa Romeo 4C Spider Offers Race-Inspired Performance With Civilised Amenities

The Alfa Romeo 4C Spider is our greatest tribute to Alfa Romeo's proud F1 race heritage. The carbon-fibre monocoque was originally developed for the F1 series and instantly proved its worth when the first carbon fibre-car crashed in its debut at Monza and the driver walked away unharmed. We've built some features for comfort, convenience, and pure pleasure into the 4C Spider as well, like the targa top, air conditioning, surround-sound infotainment system with Bluetooth, and electric side mirrors with de-misting capabilities. The 4C Spider exhilarates race enthusiasts from the moment they lay eyes on it, because in design and performance, its roots in the heart of racing technology and design are evident.  

·       Alfa DNA: The Alfa DNA drive mode selector is another technology derived from racing R&D. When you select a drive mode, the DNA system coordinates and adjusts the suspension, steering, transmission, braking, traction control, stability control, and accelerator repsonses to give you optimised performance for the profile you've chosen: Dynamic for sporty, assertive performance; Natural for a comfortable ride in normal conditions; All-Weather for best traction on slick roads; and Race for unbridled, aggressive performance and minimal intervention from traction or stability control.  

·       Aluminium Engine: The F1 race series was a primary force behind the development of aluminium alloys that could stand up to life under the bonnet as an engine block. Today, the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider is powered by a 1750 cc, turbo-charged, lightweight aluminium engine that cranks out 177 kW of power. Combined with a paddle-shifted, six-speed twin-clutch transmission, the 4C Spider puts all the power you could hope for on the road, and you in thrilling control. How does zero to 100 km/hr in 4.5 seconds sound?  

·       SMC Body: Along with the carbon-fibre monocoque, Sheet Moulding Composite (SMC) was developed for F1 cars as a lightweight outer body material that is nearly impervious to dents and helps keep you and your passenger safer in case of an accident, while reducing fuel consumption.  

The 4C Spider Will Leave You Breathless  

When you remove the targa top and slip into the competition leather seat of your Alfa Romeo 4C Spider, your pulse will probably jump a little – but when you fire up the outstanding engine and the dual exhaust begins to purr, the thrill really begins. Enjoy your open-air experience behind the wheel of this Italian beauty. Visit your local Alfa Romeo dealer for a memorable test drive and demonstration of the 4C Spider.