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The Alfa Romeo 4C Spider Offers A Targa-Style Removable Roof

A Removable Hood Means Hats Off To The Alfa Romeo 4C Spider 

What distinguishes the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider from the 4C Coupe is the open top. As you drive along, you can feel the wind over your head as you hear the full blast of the engine and exhaust.

Easy to Operate Roof In The Alfa Romeo 4C Spider

The 4C is considered a convertible, although its targa top makes it more of a semi-convertible. Made of canvas, it only weighs 7 kg and is compact enough for you to store in the luggage compartment behind the engine. Originally, the company considered offering a hard carbon fibre roof as an option, but decided to stick with the easy-to-store canvas model.

Operating the roof is fairly simple. It is held in place with clips on each side and with fasteners on the carbon fibre header rail. You just have to roll each side to the middle, lift out the canvas and pop it into the storage space. The rear window remains intact, and when you want to remove the roof, you simply roll it up. 

A Stronger Windscreen Frame Provides Stability

To provide for the roof, the Spider has a carbon fibre windscreen frame that is bonded and attached to the cars carbon fibre tub. Rather than being made of welded steel to and SMC (sheet moulding composite), the frame is now all carbon fibre. This arrangement offers extra rigidity and strength to the cockpit, because the glass is thinner on the side windows and the windscreen itself. 

Still A 4C Under The Hood

Aside from gaining an ability to remove its roof at will; the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider loses nothing that has made the 4C an outstanding, head-turning car. In comparison to the originally released 4C, the Spider has a more streamlined single headlight assembly, and a plusher interior. With the same 1.7 L Turbo MPFI engine, it puts out 350 Nm of torque and maximum power of 177 kW for a top speed of 258 km/h. The Spider still accelerates 1-100 km/h in just 4.5 seconds.

When you want a sports car with the speed and allure of the 4C, but with even more pizzazz, check out the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider at your dealership today.