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The Alfa Romeo 4C Spider: Engine Power Like No Other Cabrio

The Alfa Romeo 4C Spider: Engine Power Like No Other Cabrio  

When you think 'cabrio' you think 'style', but you don’t always think 'speed'. Alfa Romeo is about to change your whole perception, and perhaps the entire concept of the cabrio convertible as a whole. The Alfa Romeo 4C Spider engine not only mirrors the coupé, but also performs equally on any terrain. So, not only do you have the style and convenience of a convertible, but you also have the speed and control of a coupé. When you choose a 4C Spider, you get it all.  

The 4C Spider Has The Heart Of A Coupé, But The Body Of A Convertible

The 4C Spider Engine equals its coupé sibling on every note. Here are three ways in which the 4C Spider matches the 4C coupé head to head.  

1.75-Litre Turbocharged Four-Cylinder Engine Shreds The Streets

The 1.75-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine supplies 350Nm of torque and 177kw of raw power. 80% of the torque blasts at 1700 rpms.  Coupled with its 1025kg overall weight, the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider truly flies.   

Same All-Aluminium 1750 CC TBi Engine As The Coupé

The 4C Spider Engine is precisely the same as the coupé, the only difference is the convertible top. Delivering the same impressive 240 hp with a top speed of 257.4 km/h, the 4C Spider goes from 0-to-100 km/h in less than 4.5-seconds, which is comparable to the coupé model. And, for an even better exhaust flow, the 4C spider offers an optional Akrapovic titanium exhaust system with two modes.  

Engine Speed Control With Alfa DNA Dynamic Control Selector

The Alfa Romeo 4C Spider engine is equipped with DNA steering control selector. Alfa’s patented DNA system was designed to adapt to any road condition; the acronym stands for Dynamic, Natural or All weather. This adds control and handling in any driving situation. This is just one of the myriad of features that comes with every Alfa Romeo 4C Spider.  

Undeniably Fast, Undeniably Stylish, Undeniably Alfa

The 4C Spider engine is a masterpiece; complete with a body-coloured cover, three heat extractors, pronounced buttresses, and a subtle rear spoiler, this definitely isn't a fluffy cabrio. This is the perfect marriage of style and performance, and we wouldn’t expect anything less from an Alfa.   Are you intrigued by the power of the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider engine? Then visit Alfa to find an authorised dealer or request more information on purchasing your own convertible super car.