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The Alfa Giulietta: Key Reasons This Vehicle Was Built To Perform

It's no secret that the Alfa Giulietta touts the very latest innovations in lavish comforts and convenience. Every soft, premium surface, every easy to access feature, lets drivers and passengers alike know that this vehicle has been built with user opulence in mind. While these elegant features and options may be what initially draws in prospective buyers, the Alfa Giulietta quickly shows that this luxurious vehicle is so much more than the embodiment of superior creature comforts; this automobile also proves that it has been built to exceed performance expectations as well.

The Alfa Giulietta's Performance Features: The TCT

While there are many features that help the Alfa Giulietta stand head and shoulders (or hood and headlamps) ahead of the competition, there are three distinctive innovations that truly encapsulate the very essence of this refined and sophisticated automobile. The first on this impressive list? The Alfa Giulietta TCT (Twin Clutch Transmission). This cutting-edge engineering masterpiece grants drivers access to a 6-speed semi-automatic gearbox with two clutches. Tapping into the power of the TCT means that you'll enjoy optimal traction and torque capability, no matter what the surface and terrain. Best of all, the TCT interacts with other technology innovations in the vehicle for an optimal driving experience each and every time you get behind the wheel.

The Alfa Giulietta's Performance Features: The D.N.A

Additionally, the Alfa Giulietta also offers drivers access to its renowned D.N.A. system. This application allows drivers the opportunity to customise their ride by selecting the best setting for their current driving situation. The Normal setting is perfect for routine drives. However, extraordinary driving situations require an extraordinary driving option. That's when Dynamic is the only D.N.A. choice. Delivering optimal capability, Dynamic helps you grip the terrain ahead in ways never before thought possible.

The Alfa Giulietta's Performance Features: The Suspension

Rounding out this threesome of legendary features and capabilities? The Alfa Giulietta suspension system. This vehicle offers drivers the innovative MacPherson front suspension application, combined with a Multilink rear suspension model. The result? Seamless integration that performs at all altitudes and speeds.

With so many state-of-the-art performance innovations, it's easy to see that the Alfa Giulietta is so much more than just an exercise in comfort.