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Take A Look At The Alfa Romeo 4C Spider’s Unprecedented Engine

Alfa Romeo 4C Spider Engine Features A Next Generation Turbocharger

The Alfa Romeo 4C spider’s turbocharged engine delivers 1750 cc of unprecedented power. Ultra-high pressure direct fuel injection, scavenging technology, two continuously variable valve-timing units, and a dual clutch complement this. The four-cylinder engine features an electronic differential, which enhances handling and traction. Power transmission comes via a double-clutch automatic with paddle shifters, which shift with incredible speed and smoothness. 

If you press the brake pedal while pushing the accelerator pedal to the floor and engaging the steering wheel’s left paddle, you can activate the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider’s Launch Control. When you release the brake pedal, transmission, traction and power become automatic, which takes acceleration to the max.

Weight And Positioning In The Alfa Romeo 4C Spider Enhances Sports Car Performance

The Alfa Romeo 4C Spider engine sits directly behind the seats, delivering power to the rear wheels, rather than the front. Positioned so closely to the engine, any sports car enthusiast will hardly be able to resist putting the petal to the metal and revelling in the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider’s powerful rumble. Such a brawny engine, combined with lightweight components of aluminum and carbon fibre, makes for an extremely fast, road-hugging ride. 

Just How Fast Is The Alfa Romeo 4C Spider?

All of this intense engine power means a ride truly worthy of naming the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider a supercar. When you use Launch Control, you’ll experience an unprecedented 4.5-second jaunt from 0 to 100 kmh. The Alfa Romeo 4C Spider’s engine produces 177 kW at 6000 rpm, and torque at a powerful 350 Nm from 2200 to 4250 rpm. With this level of engine heft in the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider, you get a racecar experience, not just another pretty coupe. Combining the turbocharged engine capability of the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider with its twin clutch transmission with gear shifts in as little as an undetectable 130 milliseconds, the supercharged potential of the Spider is simply unmatched on the road. 

The Alfa Romeo 4C Spider engine specs doesn't compare to the actual driving experience. Some describe it as life changing.  Schedule your life-changing test drive at your local Alfa Romeo dealer.