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Sports Car Lovers Welcome Alfa Romeo 4C To Australia

It's almost here! Fiat Chrysler recently announced the arrival of its long-awaited new sports car, the Alfa Romeo 4c, in Australia. Once praised for its quick transition from concept to production, the arrival of the 4C coupe has been plagued with delays due to scarcity of its key material carbon fibre and unprecedented worldwide demand. Soon, 120 of the 4Cs will be revving their engines on the roads of Oz.

The 4C Is Coming To Australia

Of the 120 available, 50 of the 4C coupes will be the extraordinary standard model, while 75 will be the Launch Edition version that comes equipped with more amenities. Both will be peppy models stripped of their weight through the use of innovative new technology. Alfistis, or Alfa aficionados, will recognise this style as reminiscent of the 33 Stradale. There are a few differences between these two models.

The Launch Edition features perks like red brake callipers, thicker carbon fibre trim around the headlights, mirror covers, a rear spoiler, and more paint options. The biggest difference, however, is in performance equipment such as 18" front and 19" back Pirelli racing tyres, racing suspension, and a sports racing exhaust system.

Both models have a 1,750 cc turbocharged petrol aluminium engine with 240hp (177kW), rear wheel drive, and a 6 speed TCT transmission with gearshift paddles. The car weighs 102kg, 130lg more than European versions. Like the American model, the Australian model has heavier carbon engine tubs for safety purposes. This extra weight will not diminish the sprint time of 100 KM/H in 4.5 seconds or the top speed of 257km/h.

Alfa Romeo 4C In Australia Priced To Sell

The arrival of the 4C on Australian soil will solve a long-running debate about the price of the car. It was always assumed to be a much better value than competitive sports car, but it is now been confirmed that the base model will be placed between the $70,000 Lotus Elise and the $107,000 Porsche Cayman.

While many of the 4C's were pre-ordered and held with a deposit, there will be some available at dealers around the country. Check with your dealer today to be among the first to test drive this exciting sports car.