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Revel In The Music With Alfa Romeo Giulia's 10-Speaker Sound Theatre Audio System

The sleek new Alfa Romeo Giulia offers thrilling performance that's sure to touch the soul of every enthusiast with striking beauty inside and out. From the luxurious leather seating and wood interior trim to the graceful sweep of the bonnet and roofline, she'll make your heart skip a beat. With nearly perfect weight distribution and lightweight aluminium components, Integrated Braking System (IBS) and Alfa DNA drive mode selection, and plenty of power from the longitudinal-mounted 2.2-litre engine, you'll get superior performance and handling fine-tuned for every driving circumstance. To provide the perfect soundtrack for your driving pleasure, the Alfa Romeo Giulia features an outstanding infotainment system with a 10-speaker Sound Theatre audio system.  

·       ConnectNav: The infotainment system in the Alfa Romeo Giulia is built around an 8.8-inch full-colour touchscreen ConnectNav unit. The system includes GPS navigation and Bluetooth connectivity for both iOS and Android devices with voice activation. The satellite navgation system includes 3-D maps and dead reckoning navigation, which is designed to accurately re-route you even when satellite signal is lost.  

·       DAB Digital Radio: The system also features an integrated DAB digital radio, which locks automatically onto the strongest available signal for the station you select and continues to connect to the best-available signal for your location as you drive. As a result, you get clear, static-free reception at all times.  

·       Sound Theatre: Whether you're playing commercial radio through the DAB digital radio or your own music through your phone or other device, it will be rendered with flawless fidelity thanks to the Sound Theatre speaker system in the Alfa Romeo Giulia. The 10-speaker system includes a dedicated subwoofer to bring your music to life. Enjoy your perfect soundtrack for every journey.  

The Alfa Romeo Giulia Offers Everything You Need For A Perfect Drive  

No matter where the road is taking you, you'll enjoy the journey in an Alfa Romeo Giulia. From the luxurious and comfortable interior to the spirited performance and handling, the Giulia brings pure pleasure back to driving. Visit your local dealer to meet Giulia and put her through her paces.