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Newest Of Italian Sports Cars From Alfa Romeo Destined To Be A Classic

If "Italian sports cars" were a foreign phrase, its translation might well be "Alfa Romeo." Throughout its more than 100-year history, the company has produced some of the hottest sports cars in the world and the tradition continues. The brand is considered so sporty that even cars such as the Giulietta that are not intended to be super-fast cars up come on Google searches of the term.

The Newest In A Long Line Of Italian Sports Cars

Currently, Alfa's newest contribution to the long line of Italian sports cars is the new 4C coupe, which will soon be joined by the Spider convertible. Even before the 4C hit the market, observers were quick to compare the rear end to the 33 Stradale of the 1960s and the front to the 8C Competizione that had a brief run between 2007-2010. These highly praised cars only sold 18 and 800 respectively around the world, but are considered classics.

The new 4C has praiseworthy lines that honour the past with futurist technology only possible now. Perhaps the most remarkable thing about the car is its weight. Though it follows the historic principle of sports car design that makes the lines sleek to aid aerodynamics, the 4C uses lightweight carbon fibre and aluminium in the body, structure, and engine to make the car weigh around 900 kg. With weight reduction as a goal, the care relies on a mechanical steering system without electronic hydraulic assistance and eliminates any extras such as an advanced infotainment system that might bulk it up.

Even the 1750 cc turbocharged engine is lightweight aluminium fitted with ultra-high pressure fuel injection, a pair of continuously variable valve timing units, and a dual clutch. This engine propels the car to reach 0-100 in 4.5 seconds and reach 258 km/h, while not exceeding Euro 6 emission standards for light passenger cars. The engine is loud and full of character as a good sports car engine should be.

Back On Track Again With The 4C Coupe

The car, along with the upcoming convertible version, the 4C convertible, is already considered the material that classics are made of. It marks the beginning of Alfa Romeo's attempt to be a bigger player in the world car, although the production goals for the new car are limited by enormous amount of hand work required to make each car and by the scarcity of the materials. Only 3,500 coupes will hit the road each year but the technology and styling will flow throughout the reinvigorated line.

See this new classic at your dealer soon.