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Looking Through A Past Alfa Romeo 147 GTA Review Shows A History Of Commitment To Automotive Excellence

The experts always have something to say about Alfa’s cars, and an Alfa Romeo 147 GTA review is no different. Digging through the archives you can see many similarities. Their cars are among the most attractive in their time, they have power that is unmatched by most cars on the road, and they are consistently rated amongst the safest cars available. Throughout time, Alfa has held true to their values, and it shows in their cars, past and present.

Alfa Has Consistently Demonstrated Dedication To A Beautiful Italian Aesthetic

Read an old Alfa Romeo 147 GTA review, and you will see how much affection experts had for its look. They saw a sleek beauty with a ‘move aside’ attitude. This has never been a car to sit on the sidelines. Similarly, the Giulietta QV shares an aggressive stance, ready to take on the adventures of the open road.

Inside, the experience is no different. The 147 was beautifully appointed on the inside, but Giulietta drivers need not worry. Its soundproof interior envelopes drivers in luxury, with comfortable seating and appointments such as its Uconnect system. 

An Old Alfa Romeo 147 GTA Review Shows Power Has Always Come Standard

Each one of these cars was built for speed. An old Alfa Romeo 147 GTA reviews describes the exhilaration of working this car to its capacity. The Giulietta is similarly impressive, boasting a turbo petrol engine, 1.4L with 88kW/ 215Nm of power. It can go from 0-100 km/h in 6 seconds. The Start&Stop system cuts power to your engine when idle. This helps maximise your fuel economy without sacrificing power.

Alfa Romeo Has A Long History Of Being Well Equipped For Safety

Checking out an Alfa Romeo 147 GTA review, there are plenty of similarities when it comes to the notion of safety. The 147 had an impressive 6 airbags to protect passengers, and the QV does as well. Updated versions of well-regarded features such as dynamic control and antilock brakes are also represented. Additional features, such as rain sensor wipers and parking sensors help you to concentrate on the road and safely arrive at your destination.

Visit your local Alfa Romeo dealership to check out the brand’s evolution for yourself.