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Look No Further- The One Alfa Spider Review You Must Read

The Alfa Romeo Spider 4C has woven her way to the front of her competitors with style, beauty, and muscle. Can classic Italian craftsmanship be blended with cutting edge technology to form the perfect sports car? It can, and Alfa Romeo has done it in their latest release- the Spider 4C.

No Country Does Really Beautiful Sports Cars As Well As Italy

Alfa Romeo Spiders have long been recognised for their captivating design and the Spider 4C certainly follows in that legacy. Initially, the exquisitely sculpted 4C draws you in with her glossy and contoured body starting with her clamshell headlamps and ending with the decklid designed to mimic the wake of a boat as it slips through the water. The beauty of Alfa Romeo Spider’s heir apparent is in no way skin deep, though. Inside the glossy exterior of the new 4C you will find an exposed carbon fibre central cell distinctive to this model, and to further enhance the unique quality of the spider version, the designers at Alfa Romeo have chosen a specific leather upholstery to highlight the finest tradition of Italian craftsmanship. Finished off with differentiating alloy wheels and Pirelli tyres, the Spider 4C is truly beautiful. 

Don’t Be Deceived By Her Beauty

Although spectacular in looks, the Spider 4C is just as impressive in speed and technology. The car is equipped with the new "4-cylinder" 1750 Turbo Petrol with innovative aluminium block - permitting a saving of 22 kg - and specific intake and exhaust systems which have been optimised to enhance the sports appeal of the car even further. Additionally, it boasts revolutionary technical solutions including direct fuel injection, dual continuous variable valve timing, a turbocharger, and a cutting-edge scavenging control system that terminates any turbo lag. The gears can also be changed using the "shift paddles" located behind the steering wheel. The 1750 Turbo Petrol engine is paired with the leading-edge Alfa TCT automatic twin dry clutch transmission, which is a standard in its segment due to its controlled weight and maximum speed of activation.

If classic, stylish, and powerful are what you are searching for then look no further than the Alfa Romeo Spider 4C. With limited production and high demand, make sure you contact your local dealer soon!