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Light, Weight Balanced With A Remarkable Engine: The Alfa Romeo Giulia Is In A Class By Itself

Light, Weight Balanced With A Remarkable Engine: The Alfa Romeo Giulia Is In A Class By Itself

In 2017, Alfa Romeo re-enters the premium sports sedan market with the Alfa Romeo Giulia, a car that outclasses and outperforms others in its range. 

Weight Distribution Balanced With Top-Notch Materials Characterizes The Alfa Romeo Giulia  

New architecture results in a brand new weight-to-power ratio that is best in class among premium sports sedans. Rear-wheel-drive melds lightweight, high-tech materials with a near perfect 50/50 weight distribu-tion. This means rigid torsion and driver direct steering can be expected behind the wheel of the Alfa Romeo Giulia. The newly designed lightweight rear-wheel-drive platform has a low centre of gravity, re-sulting in superb performance. The front and rear frames of the Alfa Romeo Giulia, front shock towers, suspension, brakes, doors, and fenders are all made of aluminum, which further lightens the load. 

The Alfa Romeo Giulia’s Performance Is Unmatched In Its Class

The Alfa Romeo Giulia can handle quick acceleration due to a unique double wishbone front suspension and semi-virtual steering axis. The patented AlfaLink™ rear axle includes vertical rods to further enhance performance. Chassis Domain Control means the Alfa Romeo Giulia’s systems are completely coordi-nated. So stability control, suspension, aero front slitter, and torque vectoring work together to provide supreme performance. The singular Integrated Braking System replaces traditional Electronic Stability Control, which means the brakes on the Alfa Romeo Giulia are supremely sensitive. Alfa DNA allows the driver to choose from four modes, for perfect driving in all weather conditions, in town and on the race-track.

The Alfa Romeo Guilia’s Engine Delivers Unprecedented Power And Speed

The all-aluminum engine is placed in the rear of the automobile and can manage 0 to 100 km/h in a heart-stopping 5.5 seconds. The 2.0 litre, 16-valve direct-injection Intercooled Turbo engine delivers 276 horse-power. The top-of-the-range Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio ups the ante with a 2.9 litre twin-turbo V6 engine that delivers 0 to 100 in only 3.8 seconds and a top speed of 307 km/h. 

With top-of-the-line materials and masterful engineering, the Alfa Romeo Giulia is the luxury sports sedan to drive in 2017. It's truly in a class by itself. Find out more at your local Alfa Romeo dealer.