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Introduction Of Alfa Romeo 4C Spider Brings Back A Popular Car

Alfa Romeo lovers love to look back at the great cars produced by the company over the last 100 years and hope to see a bit of past glory incorporated into the new models. As Fiat Chrysler, who owns Alfa, prepared to launch the new Alfa Romeo 4C Spider, Alfaisti don't have to go back too far into history to see the car, as there are many on the used market.

Looking Back At A Proud History

The Spider was introduced three previous times, most recently 2006.

•    The original Spider 105/115 was a roadster produced from 1966-1993. There were four series of the vehicle that had minor style and mechanical changes before the car was taken off the market in 1994.
•    The next version, the 916, was made from 1993-2004 as the sister car to the Alfa Romeo GTV, a sporty coupe. The cars looked back to the Alfetta CTV coupe and the Giulia Spider.
•    The third version, introduced in 2006, was a sister car to the Alfa Romeo Brera coupe.

Cars from all three eras are still available. The 105/115 group are classics that Alfaisti love to restore, while many of the more recent varieties are ready for the road.

A New Day For The Alfa Romeo 4C Spider

The new Spider that will come on the market soon is sporty and sleek as in the "old days," but will have many compelling features that will make it an instant classic. Built for the modern era where the love of speed is tempered with a concern for fuel economy, safety, and the environment, the new Spider will have a racy look in a carbon-fibre and aluminium frame and body.

A light 176 kW/350 Nm turbocharged engine made for its sister car, the 4C Coupe will offer 0-100 km/h in 4.1 seconds. A carbon fibre roll bar will make the car stronger and safer, while a removable hard roof made of the same material or of cloth will protect the driver on a rainy day with little more weight. The car is an aerodynamic masterpiece, whose lightness contributes to a fuel economy combined cycle of 6.8L/100 km and 156 g/k CO2 emissions.

The New Spider Coming To Australia In Late 2015

The new Alfa Romeo 4C Spider is history in the making. Reach out to your dealer to stay informed about the new release or learn about the original 4C.