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How To Use UConnect In The Alfa Romeo MiTo 2015

One of the best things about being alive and thriving in 2015 is the availability of technology wherever we go. Though we sometimes complain about it, technology has changed our lives. In the Alfa Romeo MiTo 2015, UConnect will take your drives to the ultimate next level.

Play Games

Your passengers, whether in the front seat or the back seat, will love the availability of video games for those long car rides. Connect to virtually any game system and take the game on the road – just make sure that no one cheats!


For those who like to go on long car rides and see the beautiful world we live in, without the problems of older navigation systems, UConnect and SiriusXM worked together to create the navigation system in the Alfa Romeo MiTo 2015 so that it thinks in real time. No more sitting through traffic jams and ending up somewhere you don’t want to be. The audio will direct you where to go without being cloying. Premium Navigation is the road tripper’s dream, as you’ll be able to see landmarks, cities, terrains, and maps in 3D detail. Most importantly, you won’t have to worry about losing signal anywhere, even in parking garages.

Voice Commands

If you like telling people what to do, the UConnect will listen! You can do everything from set up your navigation system to open a new playlist from your phone. You can also call, text, and email without ever taking your hands off the wheel.


With UConnect, in the Alfa Romeo MiTo 2015 you will be able to listen to your favourite driving soundtrack, watch the latest action movie, or even get the score on the game whenever you want it. Once again, all of this can be controlled with your own voice.


WiFi allows you and your passengers to be connected to the web without using those costly data plans. But that’s not all, your car will actually act as a WiFi hotspot so that you can use the WiFi while tailgating, camping, or just hanging out in your backyard.

Not quite sure if the Alfa Romeo MiTo 2015 is for you? Schedule a test drive today!