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How To Learn More About The Alfa Romeo 4C

In 1920, when Alfa Romeo premiered its first vehicle, the Torpedo 20-30 HP, international car enthusiasts were lucky to get a glimpse of this dynamic machine. Those privileged enough to attend a Grand Prix would see an Alfa Romeo zipping past. But the idea of owning an elite racing car was likely as far-fetched as the notion of a second Great War.

Throughout the years, Alfa Romeo continued to debut vehicles that were as attractive to look at as they were to drive. But before widespread technology gave us instant communication, Alfa Romeo aficionados had much less access to updates and visuals. As a resident of a new global society, you have access to a variety of ways to learn more about the newest vehicle in the growing Alfa Romeo fleet.

Alfa Romeo 4C Updates And More

If you’d like to know what reviewers are saying about the Alfa Romeo 4C, how it measures up against other cars in its class, or what sort of innovations drivers may expect, the Alfa World section of the Alfa Romeo website has you covered. You can even expand your expertise by reading about the design houses who have partnered with the storied company over the years. Don’t worry about exhausting the archives, as you can also arrange updates delivered straight to your inbox.

Videos Show All

Seeing is believing, and while you wait for delivery of the first Alfa Romeo 4Cs to Australian shores, enjoy the videos detailing the production process and performance of this dynamic new supercar. The ability to take a virtual tour of the design floor will give you an all new desire to see this beauty firsthand.


Alfa Romeo aficionados, or “Alfisti” as they have come to be known, have an active presence all over Australia. Visit the main page of AROCA, the Alfa Romeo Clubs of Australia, to find out which group is nearby. Regular meetings will let you meet fellow enthusiasts and share news about the Alfa Romeo 4C. AROCA forums offer even more chances for communication and connection. Embrace your place in the digital age and learn all you can about the exciting new Alfa Romeo 4C.