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How The 2015 Alfa Romeo MiTo Is Raising The Bar On Style

The 2015 Alfa Romeo MiTo is an iconic representation of new trends of its class. The technological features on this vehicle, in combination with its exterior and interior design, make the MiTo a runway model of the road.

Entertainment Enhancements

The Alfa MiTo sports a revolutionised infotainment system via UConnect, which allows voice control along with access to information and upgraded entertainment. There is a 5” touchscreen and you can establish amazing voice recognition for yourself, which adds a suave feel to this safety feature.

Going a step further with the communication safety features, the Alfa MiTo will read you your text messages through the Bluetooth interface. Let the Alfa MiTo become your personal secretary as you cruise off to your favourite getaway. And did we mention you can also use the steering wheel to take telephone calls? With 9-speaker HI-FI Bose sound system, your music (and your calls) will sound their absolute best.

Redefining Efficiency

So we already know that the Alfa MiTo can handle our infotainment and music needs on the road, but it also boasts some impressive features under the bonnet. For fuel economy, the Alfa MiTo will use its Start&Stop capability to actually shut off the engine when it’s stopped on the road due to traffic, which reduces its fuel usage.

Also adding to lower fuel consumption is the Twin Clutch Transmission to give you that sporty and stylish feel while helping you save on petrol. And with enhanced suspension, the Alfa MiTo’s dynamic build is sure to make you feel as chic as you look.

Classy Build & Design

This car is clever. It features automatic wipers to keep your windshield clear, and automatic headlights for safety. The shape of its side windows and headlights helps add to its personality, and the tail-lights are LED. The exterior lighting wasn’t left out of the style design process either; all of the headlights and tail-lights are framed for an added decorative flair and heightened image.

The 2015 Alfa Romeo MiTo is all about distinction, efficiency, and smooth character on the road. Get ready to drive like a celebrity and handle your busy schedule with elegance and personable sportiness.