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Get Everything You Want From The Alfa Romeo 159

If you are shopping for a premium vehicle at the best possible value than you have to check out the Alfa Romeo 159. This compact executive vehicle is packed with all the features and styling that Italian automaker Alfa Romeo is known for - and motorists love. The high performance engineering that went into the 159 will amaze you while the efficient design keeps your wallet full.

Love Your Next Auto With The Alfa Romeo 159

Alfa Romeo is world renowned for its ability to create some of the best autos on the road that deliver value without compromise. The 159 is another great example of Alfa's ingenuity. This vehicle was created for the discerning motorist that wants the best out of their auto, and knows quality. Many drivers have said that they prefer their 159 to other high end autos from German auto makers, and for good reason.

Get The Best Of Both Economy And Performance

The 2.4 litre diesel engine is the hallmark of the 159's engineering accomplishments. This engine system gives you plenty of power at 150 kW while simultaneously delivering efficient operation for a long fuel range and economical operation. The auto responds when you press the accelerator pedal, but doesn't total up a large bill at the fuel pump. Add in the high performance transmission and limited slip differential for a responsive, in-control driving experience. 

Turn Heads With Italian Styling

The 159's distinctive styling was born in the legendary Centro Stile Alfa Romeo. You will find the traditional V-shaped grille alongside the best of Italian styling genius. People will instantly take notice of you when you drive this vehicle down the road.

The interior design features recessed instruments and lines that are angled towards the driver, to match the high performance capabilities of the auto itself. You will truly feel like you are in a top notch, personalised luxury car.

If you are in the market for a new vehicle for just a little more cost, you can also head down to your local Alfa Romeo dealer and see their stock of all new vehicles. Alfa Romeo is constantly improving upon perfection, so you know that, new or used, you just can’t go wrong with an Alfa.