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Four Tips For A Potential 2015 Alfa Romeo 4C Australia Owner

Thinking about purchasing the Alfa Romeo 4C? Chances are that you have already fallen in love with some of the luxurious qualities and cool styling that sets this car apart from all other sports cars. However, as the people who work up close and personal with the car, we know it from top to bottom. We know what people should really be looking at when they think about making the big purchase. Here are our four insider tips to the potential 2015 Alfa Romeo 4C Australia owner:

Choose Your Control

With built in Alfa D.N.A., the control on this car is absolutely stunning. Feel around for your best preferences, and see how the car immediately responds to that and road conditions. The front of the car has a double wishbone configuration and advanced MacPherson suspension at the rear, keeping everything stable. Make your choice of how you want the car handled, and you will be raring to go – no matter the terrain.

Get Comfortable

The interior of this car is often overlooked because people think, “It’s a sports car, how great can the interior be?” We are here to tell you: great. The Alfa Romeo 4C comes from the world of racing, meaning that everything inside is super lightweight and streamlined. Everything is oriented toward the driver, making this a deeply personal driving experience. This car will remind you of competition cars, which is a great feeling for those that love to sit behind the wheel.

Get The App

Alfa Romeo just released the Alfa Romeo Owner’s App, adding another layer and luxury to owning an Alfa Romeo car. This app includes tools, tricks, and tips to make your ride even better. From updated traffic patterns to roadside assistance, this tool will be your best friend and pocket mechanic. You can even stay on top of your maintenance dates and warranty!

Take A Test Drive

At the end of the day, buying the 2015 Alfa Romeo 4C is going to come down to having a great test drive. You can look at these things and read about them until your eyes are red, but without a drive, you will never really know. Request a test drive today to see if this is the car of your dreams.