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Four Features That The Alfa Romeo 4C Spider Price Delivers

Alfa Romeo’s new arrival, the 4C Spider, has so much to offer! It has all of the fun and energy of the 4C, with the added bonus of a convertible top. Here are some of the main features that the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider price delivers.

What Is Included In The Alfa Romeo 4C Spider Price?

In the family of iconic Alfa Romeo cars, the 4C has become an icon in it’s own right. Light, nimble and fun to drive, this car treats it’s driver to breathtaking rides time after time. What could possibly make that better? How about the wind in your hair! That’s right, the 4C is adding a convertible to its line, and the new Spider does not disappoint. Here are some of the specs that you can expect to come with the 4C Spider:

1. 177kW Of Power And 350Nm Of Torque

The Spider’s 1.75-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine delivers 177kW of power and 350Nm of torque and it weighs only 1025k. It is the perfect combination of lightweight and indomitable horsepower.

2. Lightweight Carbonfibre Monocoque And Aluminium Chassis 

The Spider has the same lightweight carbonfibre monocoque and aluminium chassis as the coupe. It’s ultra light and weighs roughly 107 kg before the body, supports and engine.

3. All Aluminium 1.75-Litre Turbocharged Four-Cylinder Engine

The 4C has an aluminium 1.75-litre 240 horsepower at 6000-rpm inline 4-cylinder turbocharged engine. This is the fastest, and lightest engine available in its class.

4. A Standard Twin-Clutch Automatic Transmission

The Standard Twin-Clutch Automatic Transmission operates at 150ms per shift, which gives as much sensitivity and control as a manual gearbox. 

The Alfa Romeo 4C Spider Goes Above And Beyond

This is just a fraction of what the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider price delivers. This dynamic bundle of fun delivers the quality and rich heritage you’d expect from Alfa, with the style and modern touches you demand. This car doesn’t hesitate to delight; it is truly a driver’s dream.

Intrigued? Interested in owning your own Alfa Romeo 4C Spider? Visit us at to schedule a test drive and find out more about this amazing little dynamo of a convertible.