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Focus On Three Unique Features Of The Alfa Romeo 4C Spider

Focus On Three Unique Features Of The Alfa Romeo 4C Spider

The Alfa Romeo 4C Spider is a truly unmatched sports car with innumerable unique features. Today let’s focus on three categories in specific and take a look at some of the qualities that make the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider much more than a coupe.  

Alfa Romeo 4C Spider Has A Look That Is Undeniably Alfa

With it’s turbocharged, four-cylinder engine located behind the driver and passenger seats, the front end of the Alfa Romeo 4C is remarkably low in height. It’s enhanced by the famous Alfa shield front and centre on the grille. The grille flares gorgeously into the lines of the bonnet. Looking at the Alfa Romeo 4C from the side, you’ll notice massive rear air intakes and a low, road-hugging profile. The long rear end of the car features a spoiler and sexy round lights that are unmistakably Italian. You’ll also notice the dual exhaust tips at each of the back corners of the Alfa Romeo 4C. Finally, the haunches of the car scream muscle power. With its beautifully rendered exterior design, the Alfa Romeo 4C is as sexy and strong as they come. 

No Power Steering On The Alfa Romeo 4C Spider Means You Control The Drive

The Alfa Romeo 4C Spider’s ultra-sensitive steering renders it a true racing supercar. Because of the car’s lightweight, power steering isn’t necessary, allowing you to truly feel the tyres hug the road. You’ll love how flat to the ground the Spider stays as you round corners at intense speed. Power transmission is incomparable in the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider with an incredibly fast shifting dual-clutch automatic system. 

Control Maximised Through Varying Drive Modes

The Alfa Romeo 4C Spider features various drive modes to enhance driver control and experience. You can enter Launch Control by pressing the brake pedal and the accelerator pedal all the way down and activating the paddle on the left of the steering wheel. When you let go of the break, the system takes over the transmission, traction, and power to give you incredible acceleration. Alfa’s DNA system allows you to drive in Natural, Dynamic, All-Weather or Race Modes, providing further personalisation of your driving experience.

And these are just some of the many features the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider has to offer. Contact your local Alfa Romeo dealer to discover all of the features the 4C Spider offers.